Tubing and skiing near Lousiville

tube near Louisville

Hit the slopes! Skiing and buoying are both great fun in the winter and a great way to stay active!

While there is no skiing in Louisville, there is skiing near Louisville. And, for those who do not ski, there is the buoy. Louisville families can head to these trails for a day of active fun and wonderful memories.

Taking into consideration Peaks Paoli and Perfect north, they both provide a home environment that you will love. There you will find some advice from a mom who understands that cost is always an issue. Hitting the slopes for the day is sure to make lasting memories for you and your children.

One reader said of tubing near Louisville “Perfect North was a really fun place to have a great time with friends and family. Everyone feels like a kid again! “

Another reader says, “We had a great time. The staff were super helpful in the facilities and on the slopes.

Opening dates

Perfect North opens in December for tubing and skiing, but you can’t give a specific date. You have to check their Facebook page for updates on opening dates and if they close for any other weather-related issue throughout the season. You can always also check the snow report for updates.

Went to Perfect North on 12/29/20 and it was packed. We never arrived. There was a 1-2 hour wait just to get in and then a backlog of people trying to take the tube. It wouldn’t have been worth the wait that long. You can try to watch the cameras to see when it clears up before you leave. But, given the nearly 2 hour drive, the volume of people can change at any time. Hopefully 2021 will be a little less busy as people have other things to do this year!

Paoli Peaks is scheduled to open on 12/18/21. One must reserve. They actively make snow. They’re really monitoring the pandemic situation closely to track public health officials to determine safety and guidelines for events. Glad to see that they have specific times for the tubes so you have a guaranteed seat and they limit capacity instead of opening the ticket office when anyone can go on any date, resulting in capacity issues as we encountered at Perfect North.

So what is the difference between these two places ??

1. They both cost about the same price for the day, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. It’s about $ 80.00 per person for a lift and rentals. This price includes lessons for your children, beware of jet lag. We missed classes because of the jet lag last year! (Perfect North operates in Eastern Time, Paoli Peaks in Central Time).

skiing near Louisville

2. If you have family who can’t or don’t want to ski, you can see your family going down the slopes at Perfect North, they have a lodge located at the bottom of the hills (perfect for someone who wants to watch and don’t not skiing). At Paoli Peaks the lodge is on top of the hill so you don’t get as much of a view as a bystander. For 2021, check with locations before you go as they may regulate admission for health and safety.

3. Perfect North and Paoli Peaks both have a cozy ski lodge with a wood burning fireplace for your enjoyment, lots of people sit by the fire and read a good book while their families ski. Again, this may not be available for 2021 due to restrictions. Paoli Peaks has a “what you need to know” page for the 21/22 season.

tube near Louisville

4. The food is pretty much the same at both establishments, I totally recommend that you pack lunch and hot chocolate for your family. Cafeterias are good, but very expensive! We’re saying just focus on the tube near Louisville.

5. Paoli Peaks and Perfect North offer free lessons for children accompanied by a paying adult!

6. Discounted tickets to Paoli Peaks and Perfect North offices for children 12 and under.

7. If you want to try snowboarding, Paoli Peaks and Perfect North offer snowboard rentals which are also included in the daily ski rental price.

ski louisville

8. If you don’t want to ski, both facilities have SNOW TUBING NEAR LOUISVILLE! Everyone loves it and it’s such a great exercise. At Paoli Peaks, they offer a discount the next day to stay on snow tubing and skiing. Perfect North has hits (opening date pending for 2021) seven days on seven. Paoli Peaks generally has fewer open days during the week.

8. Paoli Peaks and Perfect North both have affordable overnight options; discover some of these cabins very close to the slopes.

9. Both facilities have a gift shop where you can buy bibs, jackets, snow goggles and more… just in case you forget anything you might need for the day.

10. Tips: Remember to bring extra gloves. Meals to die for with wet gloves! You will need to replace them with dry ones throughout the day. Lay down for the tube near Louisville! Make sure to wear waterproof clothing and a snow hat. Bring a change of clothes for the end of the day to get home.

skiing near Louisville

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