Turnkey vacation rentals on booking sites other than Airbnb

Airbnb isn’t the only place to turn when it comes to finding an apartment or vacation rental for your next getaway. While there are a number of benefits to booking with the platform, expanding your network a bit can open up plenty of other options that better suit your budget and needs.

Although Airbnb is a great catch-all site offering a wide range of properties – from someone’s spare bedroom to luxury concept homes – users have started to be vocal on issues such as high cleaning costs and protocol above and beyond for departures on certain rentals. The Airbnb team said it is addressing issues with the launch of AirCover, a policy that provides travel protection, as well as other efforts such as view all charges before booking.

For me, these stories hit home: after ceiling leaks and a lack of hot water resulted in nothing but a 100 euro cleaning fee in a two-month Tuscan rental in the spring Last time my partner and I found ourselves looking at other sites for long term stays. A number of reliable and competitively priced rental platforms abound for booking rentals, from those focusing on high-end apartments in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan capitals to platforms set up to house swaps between controlled guests (and controlled houses).

Read on for some alternative booking platforms to check for your next trip.

For budget and mid-range travelers

Booking.com, Expedia.co.uk, Hotels.com and other hotel websites

True Story: After a completed camping trip to Corsica this summer, my partner and I found ourselves looking for last minute accommodation during high season on a resort island. After our only option on a certain platform involved a star wars-themed apartment for a relatively obscene amount of money considering the decoration, we turned to Booking.com and found a lavishly equipped and maintained condo just two blocks from the beach – for about the same price, thanks to the first option’s cleaning fee. Whereas I had previously turned to Booking.com just for hotels, it is also worth looking for serviced apartments.

And it’s not the only site to turn to: Check out Expedia and Hotels.com for properties offering similar cushions.


You’ve probably – maybe, definitely – heard of this alternative. While the options vary wildly by market, it’s a great platform to explore if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for elsewhere. There are also no shared spaces listed, so you are guaranteed to have a place to yourself.

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