UFO moment miraculously multiplies in sky over Dubai

A UFO was spotted hovering over the skies of Dubai and appeared to multiply while continuing to move at a constant speed.

In eyewitness footage uploaded online, the mysterious object can be seen hovering over Jumeirah Beach Residence as it splits into at least two UFOs.

The fascinating video has since prompted conspiracy theorists to share their thoughts with one claiming there are ‘ancient alien civilizations’ living near Dubai.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily posted @metefb907’s footage on Twitter and shared it on his YouTube channel which has 61,300 subscribers.

He said it was filmed on Tuesday (March 22) and said: “This UFO was burning like fire but it is not falling, but moving at a normal horizontal angle.

The images shocked the internet

“It doesn’t look like space junk or a meteor. It’s a UFO! What’s really cool is that it splits perfectly into two different craft as it travels over Dubai.

“[This is] 100% proof that aliens are taking care of Dubai and protecting it. I bet some of them, there are a lot of aliens who dress up as princes in Dubai… to hide the wealth they accumulate.

“It would explain a lot about how wealth was accumulated so quickly, so easily, and in such massive amounts.”

Scott, who is known for his outlandish theories, received rave reviews for helping to share the “incredible” discovery, but was also quizzed on whether it was actually a UFO.

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One user said, “Yeah they do that, their technology is amazing.”

While another commented: ‘It was really fascinating, amazing how the UFO split in two, they’re really smart aren’t they?

But a third person suggested it might just be a “standard meteor”.

The user said: “Yeah in my opinion it was just that – a standard meteor that developed a thermal crack thus splitting it in half, as opposed to meteors that explode into separate projectiles because they hit a layer of much denser air which causes the rupture.

“I admit the split is very even, oddly.”

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