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It’s weird what we St. Louisians laugh about. Just this morning, a recent TikTok clip documenting a visit to St. Louis had locals rolling. For some reason, when a visitor is shown sobbing and cowering in terror at our crime issues, we think it’s downright hilarious! Yes, we need therapy.

The clip shows the TikTok user @k8lyn.young02 having a meltdown on what appears to be a city porch due to some recent gunfire.

The text on the video says:

POV: You’re in St. Louis locked out of your Airbnb and hear lots of gunshots nearby and your boyfriend thinks it’s funny.

Her boyfriend (who is standing in the open) appears to be enthusiastically recounting the event on his own phone and is recorded saying, “It’s like every two seconds you just hear a fucking car, you hear fair [mimics squealing tires] and then pow-pow-pow! »

Meanwhile, poor k8lyn is shown bent over on the front doorstep, tears and snot streaming down her face and her shaky voice saying, “Come here!” … It’s not funny ! Why are you making it funny?!”

But judging by the caption of the video, these two made it out unscathed and their relationship also survived:

“At the time it wasn’t funny at all… but now it’s #stlouis #gunshots #skrrr #bahbahbah #dramatic”

Comments have been disabled on TikTok, but a Repost on Twitter of the video had locals guessing at the location of the Airbnb, with the most likely guess (based on the architecture shown in the video) being near South Grand Boulevard and Bates Street.

Saint Louis, man. It will leave an impression on you.

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