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Virgin Atlantic likes to entertain its customers. The popular airline has come up with a quirky new plan to stop customers from stealing its silverware.

On the airline’s flights, non-economy travelers are offered original salt and pepper shakers with their in-flight meal.

The funky cookware is designed to look like cartoon airplanes with little feet and comes in silver, gold and black.

However, popular items often disappear from the plane as light-fingered travelers bring them home as souvenirs.

Virgin Atlantic has now shared its cheeky plan to stop tourists taking off with their salt and pepper shakers.

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The airline shared a photo of the iconic shakers on Twitter and said: “Caught in the act?

“If you’ve left one of our flights with a ‘new’ salt and pepper shaker, take a look at their feet and you’ll be amazed.”

Cartoon shakers now have the words “pinched from Virgin Atlantic” carved into the bottom of their feet.

Guilty passengers shared their own accounts of shaker theft below the tweet.

One person said, “I might or might not have black, silver, and gold!” I can’t wait to “borrow” some more in less than five weeks! »


Another person added: “Maybe they accidentally fell into my bag while tidying up after dinner…eight times!”

However, one person said they received the shakers from a flight attendant at the end of their flight.

They wrote: “I was given these, a set of mugs and a drinking glass by a flight attendant on my flight recently – thank you!

A quick eBay search brings up many shakers that are popular with travelers trying to sell them.

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Lucky passengers will enjoy a four-course meal if their flight serves lunch or dinner or a hearty breakfast on an overnight flight.

Upper class travelers can also enjoy the extra bits menu if they are still hungry.

Airline cutlery is also popular with passengers and some of them might end up off the flight.

However, passengers may need to be more careful in the future if they don’t want to be identified as having “pinched” something.

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