Visit an all-pink house in Palm Springs

Nestled in Palm Springs is a home rendered in such a shocking hue, it’s hard to miss. Dubbed The Valentine, this bubblegum-hued home features three separate units connected by a luxurious outdoor gathering space. Fortunately, the house is actually a rental on Airbnb, accessible to everyone to enjoy the place through the lens of rosé glasses.

sisters Jeans (reality TV producer) and Katherine (pediatric critical care nurse) Green purchased the space in 2017 and their renovation process was extremely hands-on. “The bones were there – tale as old as time – but there’s no sugar coating that it needed a major facelift,” says Jen Green. Instead of designers and architects, green parents stepped in. In addition to the hanging wallpaper, “our mother re-upholstered various mid-century chairs, all the cushions on the outdoor couch, the roman shades and much more.” Their father took on the role of contractor, stripping walls, installing windows and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. The design team got creative using platforms like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace to manage their budget.

When you’re designing in an area with such a strong visual and architectural identity as Palm Springs, it seems pointless not to take advantage of it. “[The city] himself is a great source of inspiration,” she continues. “You feel like you’ve traveled back in time as you drive around the neighborhoods and the architecture makes you feel like you’re constantly on the set of a movie.” The sister designer duo used this nod to retro and pop-art in many of their creative decisions, invoking vibrant wallpapers, wicker furniture and exotic animal prints. The sisters are revealing all the details of their creative process, giving us additional insight into the interior of the space, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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