[WATCH] Waterloo Reporter goes viral for honest weather coverage

It never hurts to try something new, but it could give you frostbite.

Let’s be honest, with the holiday season upon us and blizzard like conditions many parts of Iowa are experiencing; the last few days have turned a lot of people upside down.

An arctic explosion is actually moving far south and also affecting northern parts of Texas, so everyone is feeling that cold.

As stated earlier, eastern Iowa is expected to receive about 8 inches of snow from this storm. Blizzard conditions are expected to begin Thursday and worsen through Friday. We could see sustained winds of 35 miles per hour on Friday, with wind gusts over 50 according to reports.

One of the best parts of this weather event (in my honest opinion) is seeing all the creative and weird ways the TV channels cover it. I’ve always found it strange that weather forecasters always go to the worst parts of a storm just to stand there and say how bad it is.

I guess I’m not the only one thinking that.

After the wintry weather swept through the Cedar Valley, KWWL seemed to be running out of personnel to cover it. So they decided to send a sportscaster/reporter Mark Woodley.

Not only did he have to get up five hours earlier than usual, but he had to stand out in sub-zero temperatures to share weather updates. It was clear that the reporter would be more comfortable in the sports office than in the blizzard.

Throughout all of his live hits, Woodley would give his own sarcastic take on what was going on.

“I normally do sports and everything is canceled for the next two days. So what better time to ask the sportsman to come around 5 hours earlier than he would normally wake up, go out and stand out in the wind and snow and the cold and tell others not to do the same?”

He posted a compilation video of all these liveshots on Twitter where it quickly exploded! Not only did it go viral, but major publications were posting and writing about it.

Guess that proves you should NEVER stay in your lane. Strange things can happen to you!

Big celebrities have even started sharing his video. Judd Apatow being one of them.

Woodley is from eastern Iowa and grew up in Dike. As a sportscaster, he has covered coverage games, NCAA tournaments, NFL football, and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

You can watch the hilarious video below!

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