West Virginia town among Forbes’ top travel spots

CLARKSBURG, West Virginia (WBOY) — A West Virginia town is on Forbes Advisor’s list of “Best Places to Travel in 2023.”

Standing out among heavyweights like Edinburgh in Scotland, Carcassonne in France and Tasmania in Australia, West Virginia was represented on the list by St. Albans in Kanawha County.

Regarding St. Albans, Forbes Advisor wrote, “Whether you want to get out and enjoy nature or stay in town and explore the restaurant scene, this Mountain State gem is ideal for a relaxing getaway.” They also paid particular attention to the history of the area, mentioning the native tribes that once inhabited the area, “including the Adena, Fort Ancient, Moneton and Shawnee”.

But they didn’t stop there. For each entry on the list, they made sure to give some tips for making the most of your trip.

“Consider using a Capital One travel card to book an Airbnb in St. Albans or near Charleston, then redeeming your miles to offset the charges,” Forbes wrote. “Want to rack up rewards on your restaurant credit card? Start your day with a coffee at Coal River Coffee Company, then in the evening, head to The Tap for a wide selection of craft beers and a bar- b-query.

You can check which other cities and regions have made the cut by visiting the full list here.

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