Western Australian couple convert Boeing 737 into Airbnb accommodation

Mary and Andew Cotterell take their passion for aviation to new heights, transforming an old Boeing 737 into a Hotel on the outskirts of Perth.

“An offhand comment from my husband that he wanted to see a jet in a pen,” Mary said Sunrise when asked how the couple came up with the idea.

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“Six months later, we owned two!

The couple had saved up to turn the plane into a hotel.

If you’re booking it for a stay, expect a completely different look inside the fuselage.

The couple’s plan for the interior layout of the 737. Credit: Provided

“You’ll have the front business class area, we’ve reconfigured the seats, then we’ll have two bedrooms, and each will have their own bathroom, and then another entertainment area at the back of the plane,” Mary explained. .

“We’re hoping for queen-size beds, obviously we’re stuck with the size of the plane, but we try to make sure everyone is comfortable.”

The jet on the empty Wheatbelt property. Credit: 7NEWS

Airbnb jumped on board, awarding them $150,000 to build a one-of-a-kind stay.

But on the condition that the hotel is ready to take off by August next year.

Mary said they were confident they would hit the target, given that the plane is in place and the seats are already removed.

The seats have already been removed. Credit: 7NEWS

Dragging the jet from Perth Airport to the property near York, nearly 100km west of the capital, was a massive exercise.

The 737 was previously part of the fleet of OzJet, an airline that went out of business in 2012 after becoming insolvent.

The aircraft had to be disassembled for transport. Credit: Provided

“(The planes) were sitting at Perth airport waiting for someone to come and turn them into Airbnbs.

“There were a lot of negotiations, but we came out on top,” Mary said.

The couple took it apart, transported the parts, then reassembled it on their property.

– with Letitia Wallace and Isla Stanich

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