Wet Paint In the Wild: Dimes Square rapper Blaketheman1000 moves to Bushwick, jet skis at Art Basel Miami Beach and performs in Philadelphia

Welcome to Wet Paint in the Wild, an extension of Annie Armstrong gossip column in which she gives art world insiders a disposable camera so they can give us a peek into their crazy corner of the industry.

I am pleased to report that I agree with the headlines regarding Blaketheman1000the Dimes Square rapper, actually being pretty good. About a year ago, I remember coming across his impromptu show at Ming’s Cafe in the dimes, and being so enthralled by the guerrilla concert that I wrote about it in Wet Paint. In the year that followed, Blake rose to fame while remaining as a niche, writing the adjacent art world songs on Dean Kissick etc He’s been making appearances in the column for a while now, so I thought, why not let him take the camera for a spin?

I had to leave my LES apartment the day before going to Basel. It was too small and very messy, so getting it all out was a real ordeal. I paid movers for the first time in my life which was a very good decision and something I will always do from now on.

I dropped off my boxes at my new place in Bushwick. I love Bushwick and I love my new apartment.

I booked my flights last minute because I thought they would be super cheap on Cyber ​​Monday. They did not do it ! I flew to Fort. Lauderdale via Spirit Airlines. Musician Quiet Luke picked me up at the airport. I took a picture of him but forgot to use The Flash and he didn’t come out. He played me part of his new album in the car and it’s really good.

I went straight from the airport to the AdWorld DJ set at the NFT Now 5 day festival. The music and visuals were super awesome. I’m a big fan of AdWorld [multidisciplinary artist Santangelo William’s online experience] and I hope to collaborate with them at some point.

I wore my fake Prada hat to the Prada party.

I stayed at an Airbnb in North Beach with Billy Jones and Natalie Miano, a music industry power couple. Billy owns the Baby’s All Right venue and Natalie is a mega-goat publicist.

I have been jet skiing with Annie Armstrong, although jet skiing is not represented here. Wild Mode Wet Paint.

Wild Annie Armstrong climbing a tree in the wild (on a man-made island we visited on our aforementioned jet ski tour).

I hung out with iD editor Nicole Demarco at the iD x Marc Jacobs party. She edited my iD profile. 454 was playing at the iD party, but I couldn’t see his set because I had to go play a set. He’s one of my favorite musicians.

I played at the Tribeca Festival x Audible event. Hit with a guy in the green room and he gave me a nugget. I wish the Flash had been on for this photo.

I had no papers or a morsel but Danny Cole was kind enough to drain the tobacco from a cigar so I could smoke the nugget the guy in the green room gave me. Danny’s girlfriend Auri Ribes watched.

My runway outfit: a Drink More Water shirt, Meta Petals pants, a faux Prada hat.

My best friend The Dare was hanging out at the Tribeca Festival event. He was also staying at the aforementioned Airbnb. I took a photo of The Dare DJing after my set which I would have loved to include in my photo story, but when I sent him the photo he said, “I look a little broke”. I look forward to a future where my best friend The Dare feels good about himself.

I visited Hamzat Raheem at the Untitled Art Fair. Hamzat is creating a marble sculpture titled Stone with 1000 faces.

He records the faces in a kind of plaster called Hydrostone, using a technique called scagliola. At the time of this photo report, he has collected 62 faces. He will be doing mine soon.

Here I cheer on Danny Cole at his live painting event. Danny and I are working on several musical projects in 2023. I’m thrilled for all of them!

Left to right: Me, Jeremy Capps, Makayla Bailey, Louis Osmosis and another guy on stage after a panel at the NADA art fair. To be honest, I didn’t attend the panel. Makayla is the co-executive director of Rhizome and spoke on the panel. Jeremy is a longtime friend/collaborator who is dating Makayla and attended the panel. I had come to the panel to say hello to Jeremy. Then we ran into Louis, with whom we are all friends. I guess Louis had attended the panel. We got on stage and started taking the picture and the other guy, who attended the panel, joined us for the picture. We have mutual friends, but I don’t remember his name.

Got a great photo with my friend Casey Gleghorn at the NADA Art Fair. Casey is the owner of No Gallery, which had a wonderful booth at NADA.

Alec Monopoly in the wild. I love street art and went to jail last year after an undercover cop caught me tagging the Myrtle-Broadway subway platform.

I’m waiting for my flight to New York. At some point during Art Basel, I started French by tucking my right trouser leg into my sock. If you go back to Danny Cole’s live painting photos, you’ll notice my French Tucked pant leg.

I returned to my unpacked things in my beautiful new apartment in Bushwick.

I was in town for a few days before a show in Philadelphia. A highlight was seeing this Art-Adjacent display showcasing a new SUV on the High Line.

I didn’t really eat at Geno’s Steaks because I was worried that a cheesesteak dinner would ruin my performance in Philadelphia, but I thought a shot of it was a good way to get into the Philadelphia part of my photography essay.

Cinematographer Rich Smith, with whom I collaborated on my “Dean Kissick” music video, photographed in a particularly messy Philadelphia apartment. Rich lives in Brooklyn, but was born and raised in Philadelphia, and came with me for the show.

The Philly Show was fun. I played at a record store called Beautiful World Syndicate. The guy with the bleached blond hair is my friend Fred.

I didn’t drink in Philadelphia because I decided to fly back to New York that night so I could wake up in town before a meeting the next morning. I took this shot pushing 90 down the Jersey Turnpike in my Turo-rented Honda Accord. The purest contemporary Americana.

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