What Happened Before the 90 Day Cast (Week of February 21)

A new secret about B90’s Ben and Mahogany comes to light, and Usman’s ex Lisa makes a shocking claim about Zara. Jasmine comments on Alina’s firing.

This week on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, the cast members have been through a lot, from rejection to finding love to meeting the parents of a potential partner in a fake house. Mike Berk probably suffered the most after Ximena Morales admitted she didn’t like him at all. Additionally, Ximena listed the different ways Mike scares her. This admission came after Mike went shopping with Ximena on 90 day fiance when all she really wanted was breast implants. Gino Palazzolo knew he couldn’t bear to lose Jasmine Pineda after the drama with the ex and the topless photos. So Gino decided to spend $270 on a ring to woo his very nervous Panamanian girlfriend.


Hamza Moknii admitted that he wanted to delay the wedding with Memphis Sandoval. However, when Memphis told her she was sleeping at her ex-husband’s house, Hamza called off the wedding. Still, Memphis opening up about his mental health helped Hamza understand her better, and he eventually agreed to marry the mother of two and sign the prenup. Kim Menzies was in good spirits throughout 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days episode 11, as she celebrated the fact that she is now officially the girlfriend of Usman Umar AKA Sojaboy.

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Kim’s happiness was unfortunately short-lived, as Usman spilled a secret about his song “Zara” to the San Diego native. Meanwhile, former pastor Ben Rathbun was finally able to meet Mahogany’s mother and father and learned why they were against the 90 day fiance love relationship. Mahogany had lied to Ben about his real age. Mahogany is actually 22 and not 24 as she told him. Mahogany claiming an Airbnb in San Bartolo was his real home also freaked out Ben.

Jasmine reacts to Alina’s dismissal from her 90 day fiancé

Alina Jasmine Instagram fired as 90 Day Fiance

Few of Alina’s cast members have shared their thoughts on her unexpected exit from the franchise due to her past racist posts. However, during a recent Instagram Q&A, Jasmine broke her silence on Alina’s dismissal from 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. A fan asked Jasmine to share it”thought of Alina getting fired.” While Jasmine could have chosen to ignore the question, she answered and was as honest as she could without hurting anyone’s feelings. She says, “My mother taught me that if you don’t have anything good to say, it’s better to shut up, “Jasmine said about B90‘s Alina, before adding a zipper mouth emoji. She conveyed her message as diplomatically as possible.

Lisa claims ‘Sojaboy’ Usman and Kim are in a fake relationship

90 day fiancé Kim and Usman

After claiming that she is still legally married to Usman AKA Sojaboy, his ex-wife Lisa Hamme, better known as Baby Girl Lisa, said the Nigerian singer’s relationship with Kim was “fraudulent.” By speaking with In touch, Lisa alleged that Usman returned to TLC so they could film his music video for “Zara,” not to date with Kim. According to Lisa, Zara, who Usman says is his former girlfriend, is also faking it. She believes that “Zara is an imaginary person created by Usman.” Even the song “Zara” is actually about Usman’s friend Fatima from Nigeria. “Usman has never been honest a day in his lifesaid Lisa, who married her husband Tracey Robinson in April 2021, of her ex.

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Ben & Mahogany seen without cameras in Peru

Ben Mahogany still together in 90 Day Fiance

When Mahogany was finally revealed as a real woman on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, fans were stunned to see that she looked nothing like the woman in the photos on her Instagram feed. What also seemed strange to fans was the way Mahogany spoke with an “almost” American accent and her unnatural, exaggerated expressions, as if acting. An old promotional video for the church featuring Mahogany on Facebook was leaked online by some people who claimed it was from Disney Channel Spain. Although her acting past can’t be confirmed yet, a Reddit user spotted Mahogany and Ben together at a mall in Lima. Ben and Mahogany are definitely still together, and the fact that there were no cameras to capture them seems to underscore that they’re a real one. 90 day fiance couple.

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