What happened to Married at First Sight Bob from Bournemouth?

Bournemouth‘s Bob Voysey made national headlines this year when he appeared on the controversial Channel 4 show Married at First Sight.

The show, a social experiment where two complete strangers marry when they first meet, then records the resulting carnage.

Big Bob is a Bournemouth business protection specialist whose marriage ended in disaster after the partner he was dating, Megan Wolfe, kissed another contestant and the relationship began to disintegrate .

After a friendly and emotional parting on the show, Bob and Megan went their separate ways. Here’s what’s happened to Big Bob since:

Rumors of Morag

After a brief period of observers asking if Bob was dating fellow Morag, Bob quickly put the rumors (rather than Morag) to bed by sharing a photo with a friendly-looking friend. curly haired lady.

Bob has since hinted at having a girlfriend in an Instagram post in late November.

Test your fish and chips skills

Anyone who lives in a resort town tends to have strong opinions about fish and chips. Indeed, we’ve rounded up the top rated ones in the county here. Bob took the passion to a whole new level by taking on the famous competitive eater

In a battle with competitive eater Leah Shutkever, the couple took on a gigantic challenge by eating fish and chips. Although neither of them finished the plate full of food, Leah absolutely smashed it and beat Bob in the volume eaten. If you fancy seeing Bob sweating salt and vinegar, you can see the challenge here.

Going out in Bournemouth

As well as returning to London to meet his former Married at First Sight contestants, Bob has also hung out locally.

He was spotted at the beach as well as at the ‘best pub in Bournemouth’ for a comedy night. At the Brewhouse Bar and Kitchen, he even took part in a comedy show, recreating the moment he first saw Megan at their wedding.

He also calmed down in our local pubs (Thomas Tripp in Christchurch if you’re interested) where he hinted at having a girlfriend, writing “Thank you @thomastrippxchurch for inviting me and my girlfriend, for one of your signature roast dinners… large portions, the taste was divine and the sauce was out of this world (takes 4-5 days to make) honestly if you are ever in Christchurch, Bournemouth and you looking for a Sunday roast then the Thomas Tripp is the place for They also have an amazing vegetarian roast which my girlfriend had and she said it was the best vegetarian roast she EVER had”

And of course, visit some of the UK’s best Christmas lights at Kingston Lacy

Married to First Sight’s Bob is from Dorset

Tribute to his mother

Bob has now spoken poignantly about the tragic death of his mother when he was just nine years old.

Talk to OKAY! Magazine, he said: “At this age, you go from someone who has literally been there from the minute you were born, cared for you, loved you unconditionally, laughed with you, cried with you. …created you and turned you into who you are, and then that person is gone.”

Bob’s mother was given six months to live after learning that her cervical cancer was terminal. But, two months later, she tragically passed away, leaving behind nine-year-old Bob and his two brothers.

The reality TV star was later raised by her stepfather. But, he admitted he didn’t face his grief until he was 18.

He is now an ambassador for Mosaic Family Support, a charity that provides support to bereaved children. After coming to terms with his grief at 18, Bob now acknowledges how much it affected him and revealed that Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of year.

Discussing how his mother’s passing has affected each member of the family differently over the festive period, Bob explained: “It’s the only time my brothers and I get together and, we don’t talk about it. really, but you can feel that emptiness at Christmas when it comes to our family.

“Even now, half of my family can’t even mention my mother’s name, can’t even talk about her. So it’s awful for some at Christmas.”

The reality star, affectionately known as Big Bob for his bubbly personality, now wants to experience his own tragic experience of family loss to help children going through a similar heartbreaking situation.

Bob joined a charity Mosaic Family Support to help raise awareness and raise funds for the charity, which provides support to bereaved children.

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