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SOUTHAVEN, Mississippi — According to the mayor, about 2,000 new jobs were created in Southaven last year, many of them from small businesses.

At least half of the new businesses that opened in Southaven were small businesses.

FOX13 researched why Southaven is so attractive to small businesses.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite and other city leaders said when it comes to traffic, while heavy at times, that’s not a bad thing.

Allie Crick opened her store in Silo Square in October.

She told FOX13 she chose the area because of the foot and car traffic.

“Traffic is a must. I know in the city where I live it gets really busy, but it’s not as busy during the day, so that’s definitely key to getting people to Silo Square, where they can park to one place and one place and get coffee and food and get their nails done, shopping,” Crick said.

Sandra Learned works for a small business in Southaven.

She told FOX13 that small town dwellers appreciate the service they find in Southaven and the ease of traveling on I-55.

“Towns south of us don’t have a lot of businesses to shop at, so we approach other communities south of us, and it’s a small-town feel even though we’re a big city,” said Learned.

Some small business owners said the boom is because rents and properties are cheaper in Southaven, while traffic is higher.

“Definitely the location. I think location is huge in my business,” said Crick.n

“We have people from Memphis coming here. Maybe they don’t want to fight traffic or something so they come here,” said Hannah Steele from Southaven.

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