What Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly did in their relationship

After Megan Fox Says Yes To MGK Proposal, They ‘Drank Each Other’s Blood’

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been a relationship we all wish we knew less about. The couple have been together since May 2020 and honestly, everything we’ve learned about them has been against our will. It’s a relationship we certainly didn’t see coming, after all, Megan Fox was married for 10 years and of all the celebrities she could have chosen, Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list.

But if there’s one thing about this couple, it’s that they’ll do the most chaotic, messy things that make headlines like no other. Just this Halloween, they got called out by fans for dressing up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. If you’re still obsessed with everything the couple do, mostly because there’s no escaping it, take a look at all the chaotic things they’ve been up to since getting together in 2020:

May 2020 – Megan Fox stands on MGK’s face in her Bloody Valentine music video

Yes, you read correctly. At this point, the two weren’t officially a couple, but Fox’s ex-husband said she and he had been on a break since 2019 and that she and MGK were friends. In May 2022, Kelly released the music video for her single, Bloody Valentine, which featured Megan Fox. In the video, Megan plays Kelly’s girlfriend and things take a bizarre turn when the actress stands on her face. Lots of thinking.

July and August 2020 – They both went Instagram official and posted some really weird captions

After the two were confirmed to be dating in June 2020, shortly after Machine Gun Kelly posted a mirror selfie of the two on Instagram, with the caption: “I’ve waited forever to find you” , followed by a knife, star, and heart emoji.

In August 2020, Megan Fox followed suit with the black and white mirror selfie, and her caption was pretty weird too. She captioned the post, “Achingly Beautiful Boy… My heart is yours,” and similarly to Kelly, it was followed by two knife and heart emojis.

July 2021 – Megan said she called MGK “crazy”

Every relationship has their cute pet names, and in an interview on Fox 5, Megan revealed her nicknames for Machine Gun Kelly, and they sure are a little out of the ordinary. She said, “I call him ‘cookie’, I call him ‘buddha’, I call him ‘crazy’. There are a lot of names”. Fair enough, I guess.

September 2021 – Megan Fox let her fans talk about her sex life with Machine Gun Kelly

There’s no shame in sharing your sex life with people, and Megan Fox certainly doesn’t care to share hers and Machine Gun Kelly’s. Last September, Megan shared a mirror selfie on her Instagram page as she stood in front of a dining table. In true MGK and Megan Fox fashion, Fox shared a bit more than necessary in her Instagram caption. The caption read: “When I tell you this Airbnb’s tab saw some things.”

December 2021 – MGK and Megan attended an event chained to each other… by their fingernails

It’s just a bit much, isn’t it? During the launch of Machine Gun Kelly’s brand of nail polish, the two attended the event with their little fingers bound by a chain. You just couldn’t make that stuff up.

by Instagram @Megan Fox

January 2022 – MGK proposed Megan a ring that has two magnetic stripes of thorns

There’s a lot of unboxing with Megan Fox’s engagement ring. In January 2022, Kelly proposed to Fox and they shared their engagement with their millions of followers. Sharing the news on Instagram, Kelly wrote, “Yes, in this lifetime and in all lifetimes. Under the same branches under which we fell in love, I brought her back to ask her to marry me.

I know tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald and the diamond set on two magnetic bands of thorns that come together like two halves of the same soul forming the dark heart that is out of love. ”

Megan Fox followed up with her own message to confirm to us all that they drank each other’s blood after saying yes. Mom, come get me because I’m really scared.

October 2022 – Megan and MGK dressed up in “tasteless” Halloween costumes

The eccentric couple made headlines again this Halloween after dressing up in “tasteless” costumes. The couple dressed in two different costumes this year, including as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and as a priest and well, no one really knows what Megan Fox was supposed to be.

In a caption, Megan wrote, “Sundays we take communion.” Many were unhappy with their costume choice, but the couple did not comment on the situation.

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