Where was “The White Lotus” filmed?

Adam DiMarco: It was the nicest hotel I have ever been to. When I got there, and saw my view, I cried. It was so beautiful. Socially it was like another planet at times, and the weather really slowed down because it was off season and there were no other guests. Sort of strange. We had to entertain ourselves, like our summer camp was actually a Four Seasons hotel where we could have movie night at this restaurant. The best was the karaoke night.

FM: I didn’t sing too much.

AD: I think Meghann refrained from singing, she was humble because she was on Broadway. She probably just jumped on Spice Girls when the mic was rolling. Haley [Lu Richardson] and I sang “Summer Nights” from Fat.

By the pool of Palazzo San Domenico in Taormina

Fabio Lovino / HBO

You were touring with born and bred Italians – did they take you to school?

AD: [Beatrice Grannò, Simona Tabasco, and Sabrina Impacciatore] they all live in Rome, actually, so they were sort of experimenting with the new with us. They also try to do a dialect, so we were all kind of in a new place. Sabrina is a pretty well-known actress there, so we drop her name sometimes trying to get into clubs or whatever. It was [Aubrey Plaza’s] idea, which is fun to imagine Aubrey having to name a drop to get in anywhere.

Characters definitely leave the field more than their season one counterparts – tell me the place you most enjoyed seeing and photographing.

comics: The city of note, where episode three of the season takes place, at the palace. It’s just an amazing Baroque town in the middle of nowhere in southern Sicily. There is actually a Chef’s table episode about this restaurant called Cafe Sicilia in Noto, and it’s probably the best breakfast dessert – it’s called granita, basically Italian gelato – that I’ve ever had in my life. When we were shooting, we were in the middle of this giant flower festival where the city was covered in flowers. The problem is that the palace is actually in Palermoand [Tom Hollander’s] palazzo in Palermo is actually in Noto. They are exchanged. The reason is very simple – Noto’s Palace was very awkward and suitable for the party later in the season, to be kicked off by Hollander’s character. And the one in Palermo is serpentine and softer, for that kind of girls’ night out between Daphne and Harper.

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