Why Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch are the cutest couple in the NFL

Meet Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch – the cutest couple in the league. If you haven’t heard of this couple yet, despite their combined social media presence, allow me to introduce you to them (and their adorable online feud)! I’ve been following Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell on TikTok for months, and I love their playful online presence, adorable romance, and mutual respect and encouragement! Allison is a down-to-earth NFL woman who is incredibly proud of her man, and Isaac is a supportive husband who loves his wife on the field, online and at home. Their mini feud over who’s more famous got national attention, including the NFL placing its bet through custom jerseys, and I just think these two are a great example of love and hard work in a high-pressure and high-profile environment.

Isaac Rochell was drafted into the NFL in 2017 by the Los Angeles Chargers, then joined the Colts in 2021, then the Cincinnati Browns in 2022. He now plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, and the couple are delighted with their move to a new city. Coverage of their relationship spanned multiple platforms, with the NFL and various other corporations playing along in the famed Kuch vs. Rochell contest. The official Raiders social media pages also celebrated their success as a couple, inviting Allison onto the pitch for some fun activities and a new jersey!

Here is a timeline of their relationship!

2014: They met

Isaac and Allison met at a party at the University of Notre Dame, where Isaac was playing football. Allison was visiting her sister at the campus party, and the two instantly had a connection. The next morning, Isaac asked her out on a coffee date, and a romance was born. They continued to date for the next three years as Isaac continued to play football and Allison traveled to see his games.

2017-2018: Break up and try again

Long distance relationships are very difficult and have their own set of challenges in addition to normal love life. The two broke up due to the long distance issue after three years of dating. Sad. But the two felt so separated from each other that they reconnected a year later and fell more in love than before!

2020: They got engaged

Their engagement took place on the set of a podcast, during which Isaac asked, “So, Allie, I want to know, are you free for the rest of your life?” Cue laughter, cries, tears and so much love! Such a cute reaction from Allie, and their proposal video is so sweet. Nothing too flashy, it was perfectly planned and executed in such a memorable way. After 5 1/2 years of dating, falling in love at 19 and walking side by side through football madness, she said yes to a forever together.

Watch below!

2020: They Got Away

Isaac and Allison’s surprise run off to a beach just months after their engagement, in what Allison calls her favorite wedding memories! They focused on their love for each other and had an intimate ceremony standing in a heart drawn in the sand. Slow dancing together, listening to their favorite music and just being in love – I mean come on! Too sweet!

April 2021: They also got married

After their wedding, they also had a storybook wedding ceremony with their friends and family in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico! The Rochells’ wedding was a tropical bohemian theme, with neutral colors and lots of flowers. Allison even did makeup for her wedding. She looked gorgeous!

The couple then spent their first year of marriage traveling the world, spending time together and seeing all the places they wanted to visit together. Football, beaches and true love occupied their lives.

Currently: They are so cute!

With both of their social media accounts taking off, their romance has received national attention. Rochell’s online feud against Mr. Kuch is a fun way for them to add some competition to their marriage, as they both do extremely well on their own and together. Their willingness to laugh and not take life too seriously is refreshing!

Allison uses her platform to show both the pros and cons of being married to an NFL player, which humanizes men on the field and their lives outside of their football career. She shows the process of constant travel, her visits to the “office” (as she calls it), and other aspects of simultaneously being a content creator, an NFL wife, and an Airbnb owner. She also has a lot of style! I love her outfits matching the colors of her man’s team!

Isaac is super supportive and loving of his wife, and posts cute videos of their time together. He constantly comments on how much he misses her when they’re apart and celebrates her wins just as she celebrates his. A quick look at his Instagram account shows how obsessed he is with the love of his life! *cues the tears*

Best wishes to the happy couple as they navigate their third year of marriage!

Final Thoughts

With all sorts of horror stories coming out of the spotlight, it’s nice to see a couple truly in love!

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