Why Mahogany lied to Ben about his house and his age

All the reasons why Mahogany Roca may have lied to Ben Rathbun on 90 Day Fiancé without realizing she’s catfishing the American.

90 day fiance fans believe Mahogany Roca has valid reasons for showing Ben Rathbun a fake apartment and lying about her age. Former pastor Ben with his reputation for dating younger women, fell in love with Mahogany’s heavily filtered photos after she sent him a friend request. The 52-year-old began imagining a future with Mahogany, who said she was 24, and even told his children how he planned to take her to America and make her his wife. 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, fans were furious at Ben’s creepy ways and how he relentlessly pursued Mahogany even though she had never made video calls with him. Mahogany finally ghosted her as soon as he flew to Peru to meet her. Yet Ben was the one who was “scaredwhen he found out Mahogany was his daughter’s age.


Somehow, Ben was okay with dating a 24-year-old woman, but after finding out that Mahogany is 22, the age his senior, is sort of a deal breaker. However, that still hasn’t stopped Ben from dating Mahogany, as the pair were recently spotted together without a camera in a Lima mall by a 90 day fiance viewer. Either way, Mahogany had his reasons for not meeting Ben the first time he traveled to his homeland. Their story alluded to signs that Mahogany was a catfish, which was proven when she showed up on their date. Even though Mahogany looked nothing like her Instagram photos, Ben thought she was beautiful and could have just “doctored” his pictures a bit. But Mahogany had made it clear she was nervous about meeting Ben because her parents thought he had “other intentions” with her.

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Ben decided he could convince Mahogany’s parents, with Jose and Sylvia even agreeing to meet him at their daughter’s apartment. However, Ben could tell that it wasn’t really Mahogany’s house and was more of a rental. Ben also believed that Mahogany was living with his parents when they were chatting, while having her own apartment was news to him. Since neither Mahogany nor his parents trusted Ben enough, not inviting him to their real home and meeting at an Airbnb makes a lot more sense. She had even refrained from sharing her home address with Ben when he wanted to deliver mahogany flowers on her birthday while he was still in Fraser.

Ben Rathbun Mahogany Roca 90 Day Fiancé Before 90 Days

On the other hand, Mahogany’s father does not appear to be wealthy as she drives her own car. Still, the family might have felt that their living conditions weren’t impressive enough for Ben, who comes from the United States. Also, Mahogany may have been living in a joint family home with multiple aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., which is why she didn’t want to bring up her relationship with Ben and their huge age gap. Speaking of Mahogany lying to Ben about his age, it’s a situation fans have seen before with 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days couple Memphis Sandoval and Hamza Moknii in the same season.

Similar to Mahogany, Hamza had also added two years to his real age, 26, when he met Memphis, 34, on an international dating app. When Memphis found out Hamza’s real age through his mother, just like Ben did, the Tunisian man claimed he lied to make himself look more mature. Chances are Mahogany will do the same. However, Mahogany said her age was lost in translation, adding that she might have told Ben she was 22 but he was just in denial as he is so against it. dating someone his daughter’s age.

All told, Mahogany showed she had no feelings for Ben after he refused to say “I love you” back and spreading her kiss on 90 Day Fiance. Mahogany admitted that although Ben is much more serious about her, she still needs time to get into a relationship. Although Ben and Mahogany are together now, that means he either forgave her for her lies or just accepted her apology.

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90 Day Fiancé: Clues Ben and Mahogany are a real couple with a fake plot

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