Will Maine sell weed through Circle K gas stations like Florida?

Cannabis use is finally becoming more and more normalized.

I liken it to your evening glass of wine or your beer after a long day. Your nighttime gummies or your evening joint will get you out of your stressful state of mind at work and into your relaxed, sleepy state of mind.

With 89 recreational dispensaries in Maine, the days of getting your head off from a creepy dude in a dark car behind a gas station parking lot are over…or are they?

In Florida, a very Republican state, cannabis use might be as accessible and normal as gasoline. Literally.

“Starting in 2023, a small number of Circle K gas stations in Florida — about 10 of them, to be precise — will partner with legal cannabis retailer Green Thumb Industries on in-store weed products. “, according to Car and Driver article.

Now, cannabis is only legal for medical use in Florida; however, this raises many questions for states where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

Does it matter where you get your weed from? Do you prefer having dispensaries or the accessibility of gas stations?

Comparing marijuana to alcohol, there are a variety of ways to get booze: a bar, a packy (a beer store like The City or NH Liquor and Wine Outlets), a grocery store, and, yes, service stations.

So do we think Maine will see this?

Well, there is already a gas station providing medical cannabis, located at 460 Warren Ave in Portland, Maine.

Atlantic Farms is a convenience store, gas station, and the first medical cannabis store to open in Portland,” according to a Hall of Flowers article. “It’s a place where all customers, whether they stop for diesel, a quick snack or specifically to buy cannabis, enjoy a comfortable, respectful and caring experience guided by 5 simple core values ​​- the honesty, communication, innovation, compliance and integrity.”

An upstate New York marijuana farm prepares its first harvest for the first legal adult-use sales in the state

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So Maine, will cannabis fit into our lives through gas stations? Will it become as accessible as a kit-kat bar, a bottle of Lunch IPA or a pack of four OJs?

I guess the state of the sun will be the guinea pig.

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