Woman splits opinion after complaining vacation rental guests took ALL the toilet paper, toiletries and snacks

AN AIRBNB owner has shared his opinion after complaining that his previous guests had taken all the supplies hidden in the property.

Anna Pearce, who owns a number of Airbnb properties, asked people what to do on her TikTok account @propertyempress.


An Airbnb owner complained on Twitter after previous guests took ALL supplies – including 30 rolls of toilet paper

She asked her 54,000 followers: “We have a moral dilemma – we have an Airbnb guest who stayed and didn’t take particularly good care of the property.”

She continued: “They found our welcome supplies – we leave a little gift basket for when guests arrive.

“They managed to find him and they took everything so we have nothing to give to the next guests.”

She showed an image of the basket which includes bags of crisps, biscuits, sweets and milk, and said they also receive toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and bath salts, as well as toilet paper.

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She added that the guests not only took everything from the welcome basket, but found the cupboard and took 30 rolls of toilet paper, 10 bottles of toiletries and everything for the welcome basket.

She also said they moved things like the refrigerator and the mirror, smoked in the property, and left tobacco everywhere.

The guests accidentally left an expensive bottle of champagne in the fridge, which she asked if she should leave it for the next guests instead.

Lots of people were horrified on his behalf – someone wrote: ‘Honestly some people! The entitlement and the insolence of it.’

Another person said, “I will make them pay for the goods they stole.”

One person agreed: ‘There’s always one who thinks he’s got the right to take everything like a hotel.’

Others didn’t see the problem, saying she should have locked up the supplies instead.

Some also said she should have clarified if they weren’t allowed to take more items.

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Anna said she eventually bought more supplies and bought flowers instead for the next guest, but said she won’t rent to them again when they get in touch again.

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Anna said she ended up buying flowers and other supplies for the next guests


Anna said she ended up buying flowers and other supplies for the next guests

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