Woman who stole baby from hospital in northern Spain spent all night taking selfies

MORE details have emerged about the nightmarish experience the parents of a newborn baby had in the Spanish city of Bilbao this week, after a woman posing as a nurse abducts the child.

Baby Aimar was taken from her hospital room after the suspect, hitherto identified by the initial M., claimed she was taking him for medical tests.

The 24-year-old pretended to be pregnant, kept her friends up to date with news of the ghost baby and even bought items like a carrycot.

According to news reports, the woman was seen on security camera footage trying to enter several rooms on Wednesday night, suggesting she wanted to take any baby rather than specifically targeted the child she finally took away.

The woman allegedly took the baby out of the hospital in a bag. She then spent the night taking pictures of herself with little Aimar and uploading them to her social media accounts.

An image of the suspect released by the Basque regional police, the Ertzaintza.

According to the Spanish daily El Mundo, she may have realized in the morning the extent of what she had done, prompting her to abandon the child on the doorstep of an apartment. Residents were alerted when the suspect rang their doorbell. Finding the baby on their doormat, they quickly alerted the police.

According to El Correo, Aimar was returned to his parents in a simple towel and without a diaper.

The police managed to find the suspect and arrested her in a square in the Basque town “in an agitated state”.

His social media accounts were shut down by authorities upon his arrest.

According to Spanish news agency EFE, the child’s father has denied claims that he or any of the new parents at the hospital were briefed on a protocol that instructed them not to leave the baby behind. out of their sight or that tests should be performed. at the foot of the hospital bed.

He also explained that the nightmare began an hour after the suspect took Aimar away. The parents asked staff where he was, only to be told that tests weren’t done on babies at night, prompting nurses to start looking for him.

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