You can now stay inside an immaculate replica of the witches’ cottage from ‘Hocus Pocus’

Does anyone else have a long-standing fascination with Salem, Massachusetts, and the idea that real-life former sister witches live in a drug house there, stalking children and steal their souls every time they are resurrected?

If you’re millennial, you should definitely do this because of Disney’s 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus – one of the greatest Halloween comedy movies of all time (Don’t tread on me. I know it has a terrible RT score. It’s still a delicious treat.)

The iconic Sanderson sisters (Winifred, Sarah and Mary) are so beloved that Disney recently decided to produce a sequel to the first film – 29 years later – featuring the same three superstar actresses as the witch sisters: Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica. Parker.

Hocus Pocus 2 is due out this week (September 30) and fans of the nostalgic film couldn’t be more excited… or rather, they couldn’t have been before Airbnb broke the news that it had converted a ” creaky Old Cottage” into an almost identical replica of the Sanderson sisters’ spooky abode.

“Enter through the window or the waterwheel, but watch your step – a cobweb or two and the smoke from our cauldron awaits you inside,” Airbnb told blogTO this week via email.

“Amid the brooms and apothecary bottles, the Black Flame Candle flickers and our beloved Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy sleeps soundly – lest something (or someone) should wake him. a beautifully eerie scene that is sure to get guests into the Halloween spirit.”

cottage hocus pocus airbnb

“It’s a whole bunch of Hocus Pocus at the Sanderson Sisters Cottage, where, for the first time ever, guests can go wild this Halloween season,” reads an Airbnb press release titled “A Spectacularly Spooky Staycation in Ontario in Honor of Hocus Pocus Cottage on Airbnb”.

cottage hocus pocus airbnb

Unfortunately, despite the confusing title of the release and the language it contains, the Sanderson Sisters’ cabin is not in Ontario.

Rather, it’s tucked away in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts, about 1.5 hours from Toronto by plane and 9.5 hours by car.

cottage hocus pocus airbnbThe dilapidated Sanderston Sisters cottage box be booked by any fan around the world, including Canadians.

cottage hocus pocus airbnbReservation opens Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. ETand you can bet the competition for this unique and coveted Airbnb experience will be fierce.

cottage hocus pocus airbnb“Before sleeping in our humble abode, guests may try their hand at the enchantments inscribed in the ancient spellbook that has guided us through all our misdeeds…” reads the description of the rental property, which is priced no has not yet been revealed.

cottage hocus pocus airbnbGuests can also catch a “special screening” of Hocus Pocus 2, streaming on Disney+ starting September 30.

cottage hocus pocus airbnb“To support the next generation in the historic city, Airbnb will make a one-time donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem, which aims to ensure success is within reach of every young person who walks through its doors,” it read. the list.

cottage hocus pocus airbnbAlthough the cottage has been fitted out to look exactly like the Sanderson sisters’ home, down to the smallest detail, it is important to note that the cottage itself is privately owned and operated.

cottage hocus pocus airbnb“Those looking to book should note that the rules for this stay require strict adherence to local COVID-19 guidelines,” the listing reads.

“On-site staff will follow applicable local, state, and federal guidelines as well as Airbnb’s COVID-19 safety practices, which include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when local laws or guidelines require it. require, and adherence to our enhanced five-step cleaning process.”

cottage hocus pocus airbnb

“We are back, witches,” the chalet owners write, fittingly.

‘To celebrate our resurrection, we invite our guests to a land of enchantment with a stay in a recreation of our Salem cottage, where those with a penchant for mysticism can explore our spooky lair as All Hallows approaches’ Eve.”

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