You Can Stay In This ‘Designer Treehouse’ In British Columbia For The Night And Feel Like Tarzan

This gorgeous BC treehouse will make you feel like Tarzan for the night, and you can rent it on Airbnb.

You can sleep in the trees and enjoy an epic view to wake up to in the morning. It will also make you feel all the nostalgia, reminiscent of the iconic Disney character.

This Airbnb is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Although it’s a tiny place, the interior is super modern and well designed.

If you live near Vancouver, BC, this is the perfect place to unwind for a weekend.

You will feel totally relaxed, in the heart of the green forest.

Treehouse surrounded by lush forest.Lisa | Airbnb

You probably shouldn’t try to swing vines here, as the trees on the west coast are quite high off the ground.

This place even has a fun outdoor shower, so you can really feel one with nature.

The outdoor shower at the Airbnb.Lisa | Airbnb

It may be in nature, but it’s anything but sturdy. It looks like a small spa.

Inside the outdoor shower.Lisa | Airbnb

Don’t forget to bring marshmallows and graham crackers, as this treehouse vacation spot even includes a fire pit for making s’mores in the evening.

Fire pit outside Airbnb.Lisa | Airbnb

At night, take a break and gaze at the stars through a telescope in the tree house.

Telescope located in the Airbnb.Lisa | Airbnb

You can even continue to gaze at the stars through your bedroom ceiling windows while you fall asleep.

The treehouse bedroom.Lisa | Airbnb

It also comes with an extremely amazing kitchen. There is everything you need to cook a tasty meal.

Kitchen and living space in the Airbnb.Lisa | Airbnb

The kitchen and downstairs are so open and airy that all the natural light shines everywhere.

Trrehouse kitchen and bathroom.Lisa | Airbnb

When you enter the Airbnb, you climb over a bridge that looks like Tarzan’s treehouse.

Bridge walkway at the entrance to the Airbnb.Lisa | Airbnb

In short, this spot in the heart of nature will allow you to live out your Disney fantasies.

Private treehouse

Kitchen and front door to the treehouse with a view of the deck.

Lisa | Airbnb

Price: $264 per night

Location: Chilliwack, BC


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