Zach Shallcross’ ‘Bachelor’ Filming Locations Cover 3 Continents

Arriving at the iconic Bachelor mansion as ABC’s newest lead was a ‘surreal’ experience for Zach Shallcross. Of course, the 26-year-old technical framework was already there to kick off Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season the bachelorette not too long ago, but stepping into the spotlight at the franchise’s most recognized filming location made the dreamlike experience a reality. “I don’t know when it’s really going [sink in]”, Zack explained to entertainment tonight shortly before 30 eligible women arrived via a limo (or party bus) to win her heart. “It’s still so surreal and kind of dreamlike, but I’m just, like, excited for it, I just want to start it already. It’s the anticipation…I pinch myself every day.

But that was just the beginning of Zach Bachelor journey, which will see him and several of his contestants travel far beyond Bachelor Mansion in Agoura Hills, California – which is currently available for rent on Airbnb for a little more $23,000 per night. Of course, the main objective of season 27 was to find a wife, but Bachelor former Sean Lowewho made an appearance in the premiere, wanted to make sure his successor knew there were still other (good) reasons to tackle the role.

“I know we’re doing a TV show and the goal is to find love, but I also wanted to tell him that it’s okay if it doesn’t happen.” Lowe explained on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “I wanted Zach to know not to make it harder than necessary. If you can just relax and have fun with it, it’s an amazing opportunity to travel the world and do things you would never do. otherwise. It’s so much fun, so enjoy every moment.

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And travel the world, he did, embarking on an international tour of love. Here are all the places you can expect to see him and the women visit The single person this season.

The Bahamas

On October 11, Reality Steve tweeted a video of Zach walking on the beach in the Bahamas “doing one of those clichés” walking on the sand with a thoughtful expression “, before what he reported to be the fourth rose ceremony of the season, probably making the island the first stop of the group after leaving Bachelor Mansion.



One of the easiest places to identify in the Season 27 Trailer is the UK, as eleven of the women are pictured standing on London’s Tower Bridge, waving and shouting Zach’s name. By Reality Steve, the season fifth rose ceremony is happening here, and something happens that “changes the landscape of the show a bit”.



Way of life shared photos of Zach meet one-on-one with Charity Lawson in Tallinn, Estonia on October 22, showing them sharing romantic PDAs while sightseeing and taking a carriage ride around the capital. This is where Zach reportedly hands out his sixth round of roses to his remaining wives.



The Bachelor The trailer also featured stunning views of Budapest, Hungary, where Zach can be seen on a date with Kaitlyn “Kaity” Biggar. Prior to the Seventh Rose Ceremony, the duo reportedly visited Fisherman’s Bastiona 19th-century watchtower that claims to offer the best panoramic views in the city.



According to Reality Steve, Zach’s nights out with his last three wives take place in Krabi, Thailand, a location that ABC has previously teased will include horseback riding on the beach.

Zach’s Hometown Dates

Spoilers ahead! Prior to heading to Thailand, Zach also reportedly performed on four dates in his hometown of Vermont (with Gabi Elnicki), New York (with Ariel Frenkel), Columbus, Georgia (with Charity) and Austin, Texas (with Kaity).

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