10 Amazing Things You Can Do in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, once considered the center of the civil rights movementhas a fascinating past that can be fully experienced in the city’s many historic sites, museums and memorials. Birmingham, often known as the city of a thousand trades, has a multitude of attractions beyond the historic buildings. This beautiful metropolis is sure to entertain and interest tourists on their next trip with its vibrant arts and music scene, delicious restaurants, eclectic shops, miles of museums and more. Here are 10 awesome things you can do in Birmingham, Alabama.

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10/10 Explore the unique Barber vintage motorsport museum

After retiring from competition in the 1960s and after 63 wins, George Barber decided to channel some of his enthusiasm into creating a museum for other fast car fans. However, he started assembling motorcycles in addition to automobiles. His stunning race-ready motorcycles were featured in the Guggenheim The Art of Motorcycles exhibit when he opened the museum in 1995. With over 1,400 motorcycles housed in the museum, 650 of which are still on display, it is the largest collection of vintage motorcycles in the world, according to Guinness World Recordsand is one of the best things to do in Alabama.

  • Admission fees :
    $15 per visitor

9/10 Visit Birmingham’s Civil Rights Quarter

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham was bombed by the Ku Klux Klan on Sunday, September 15, 1963. Four girls lost their lives in the bombing. This act united the country and was a major factor in the Civil Rights Act of 1964is success. With the help of donations from around the world, the church was repaired and reopened in 1964. Due to Birmingham’s formidable civil rights history, it is now a major tourist destination. Tourists can book guided tours.

8/10 Visit the McWane Science Center

Birmingham’s McWane Science Center is a popular family destination for locals and visitors alike, as it offers guests the chance to explore the world through science experiments and interactive exhibits. Many topics are covered, ranging from dinosaurs to space travel. Children of all ages will find a variety of fun things to see and do in hands-on exhibits that feature movement, energy, light and sound.

  • Admission fees :
    $16 per child and $21 per adult for a combined ticket.

7/10 Walk past the Birmingham Museum of Art

More than 20,000 parts, dating from antiquity to the present day and from all over the world, is in the Birmingham Museum of Art. European decorative arts make up the majority of the museum’s collections, nearly half of its entire inventory. The collections are made up of American masterpieces, African art galleries, contemporary art and a variety of European works by well-known artists like van Rijn, Dali and Pissarro.

6/10 Let’s have a beer at Avondale Brewing Company

Birmingham’s Avondale Brewing Company is a locally managed and owned brewery that sits on 41st Street S. It is nestled in a historic building that has served many functions over the years including a fire station, bank, a post office, a pharmacy, and a saloon called the Long Branch Saloon. Brewery tours are available and there is a bar for the ultimate indulgence.

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5/10 Stroll through Birmingham’s Railroad Park

Railroad Park, a haven of greenery and water features in the heart of Birmingham, serves as a respite from the city’s heat and bustle. It covers 19 acres (7.28 hectares) and has plenty of lawn, trees for shade, wonderfully fragrant flowers, and several streams and ponds. The park has a small lake, various hiking and running trails, and Rail Trail, which offers spectacular views of the city.

4/10 Discover the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Site

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Site was a blast furnace that produced iron. It is the only remaining blast furnace in the United States, and it was rebuilt after it closed. The area is currently used as a museum to educate the public about the iron industry and is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Additionally, it serves as a concert and festival venue and hosts a metal arts program. The historical monument is transformed each year into a scary house for Halloween party. The event is known as the Sloss Fright Furnace.

  • Admission fees :
    Free unless visitors decide to take a guided tour, which costs $10.

3/10 Breeze Fresh Air In Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is a former iron ore mine that has been turned into a park. It comprises a network of 16 miles (25.74 km) of trails as well as various former mining sites. The names of the mountain and the park are derived from the shadow of iron ore that can be discovered under the surface of the mountain. With several hikes leading to breathtaking views of the city below, this is a great place to hike in Birmingham.

2/10 See the world’s largest cast iron statue at Vulcan Park

The 56-foot (17-meter-tall) statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of firewas originally created in Birmingham for the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy of the Universal Exhibition of Saint-Louis of 1904 display. It is the largest cast iron statue in the world and weighs 100,000 pounds (45.35 tons) of iron. Today, it watches over Birmingham from the top of Red Mountain, serving as a constant reminder of the city’s early industrial history.

1/10 Watch a live show at the Alabama Theater

In Birmingham, there are plenty of great places to catch shows, but the Alabama Theater on Third Avenue North is one of the greatest. It was built in 1927 as a movie theater and has hosted a number of notable occasions, such as the Mickey Mouse Club and the Miss Alabama Pageant. It is the main stage for the performing arts and currently offers a variety of programming, including period films, theater and dance productions, and live music. It was recently restored to its former glory. The structure is recognized as a historic place on the National Register.

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