10 Best Airbnbs You Can Book In The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers a number of accommodation options, including some of the best Airbnbs we highlight here.

Nassau, Bahamas city view

As long as the powdery white sands and crystal clear blue waters continue to exert their enchanting charm on human beings, the Bahamas will always remain a super hot vacation destination. And let’s face it. Along with the many stunning beaches the Bahamas are famous for, being just minutes from the Florida coast is one of the factors that make this world famous group of islands a favorite with Americans.

Those wishing to experience this piece of paradise will be delighted to learn that the Bahamas offers a number of accommodation options. While Atlantis Bahamas is attracting a lot of attention, maybe rightly sothere are also several luxury beach hotels, vacation rentals, and Airbnb vacationers can consider. In this article, we reveal the 10 best Airbnbs in the Bahamas. And here is the truth. In addition to space, Airbnbs are also surprisingly spread beyond city centers.

10/10 Sundance Beach House, Cat Island

No. Cat Island has no cats. However, it’s incredibly discreet secluded and seductive that it is sure to impress vacationers looking for a brief disconnect from the world. And Sundance Beach House, with its two comfortable bedrooms and located on the famous beach of Pigeon Cay, is the perfect place to escape to discover the surreal beauty of the island.

9/10 Sunset Cottage, Hooper’s Bay

This one-bedroom cottage may not offer all the luxuries and amenities of a five-star hotel, but considering its location, it’s still excellent value for money. Located directly on beautiful Hooper’s Bay, it’s just steps from the beach and literally in the surf. One of the appeals of this simple, rustic setup is its near-total privacy. Fancy a romantic getaway at a low price? Check out Sunset Cottage.

  • Holiday tip:
    Due to its isolated location, a car will be required.

8/10 Bird of paradise, golden chalice

This beachfront property has the serenity of a desert oasis and nearly every amenity a vacationer will want. Located on Bird Point Beach on the island of Eleuthera, one of the Bahamas islands you have to see before you die, Bird of Paradise sits on sparkling clean, incredibly soft sand. The kitchen has almost everything, including a dishwasher.

  • Highest point of the property
    : Its proximity to the famous Tippy’s Restaurant.

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7/10 Tropical paradise at Shannas Bay

This two bedroom property is so close to the beach and the singing waves of secluded Shannas Bay. Tropical Paradise is also found on Cat Island, one of the least crowded of the more than 700 islands in the Bahamas.

  • Highest point of the property
    : Many people mention Airbnb’s outdoor shower as the best part of tropical paradise.

6/10 Mariah Cottage

Conveniently located near Georgetown, Mariah Cottage is a super cozy Airbnb with some of the most breathtaking sea views on the island. Visitors are pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a bottle of red wine and a peaceful and soothing environment. A loveseat on the terrace overlooking the ocean makes Mariah Cottage decidedly romantic.

5/10 Rock Hill, Long Island

Boasting several tropical wonders, Long Island offers many enjoyable activities one can get lost in exciting ways while vacationing in the Bahamas. And Rock Hill will be the perfect base from which to explore one of the Bahamas’ popular vacation gems. Along with the stunning views, the property’s open contemporary design gives it a super relaxing vibe that will easily wow vacationers.

4/10 Holiday rentals

At this Long Island studio, almost everything a vacationer will need will be less than 15 minutes away. Those wishing to prepare their own meals will be delighted to find a well-equipped kitchen with all the necessary appliances to prepare a delicious meal in minutes.

  • Property highlight:
    Car rentals provided by management.

3/10 The Mill House, Harbor Island

Centrally located in Dunmore Town, and therefore the hub of activity, Mill House is a three bedroom apartment just a short walk from the quay. The convenient location provides easy access to many amenities such as shops as well as several cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. The rooms of this Airbnb are all spacious, well ventilated and super comfortable. However, one downside of the Mill House is that it is located on the upper floor and accessible only by stairs.

  • Holiday tip:
    To enjoy the hike, vacationers may need to rent a golf cart.

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2/10 Sunset Point Houseboat, Andros

If the gentle rocking of a houseboat is something one considers exciting, staying at Sunset Point should be a primary consideration. Besides the spectacular ocean views all around, Sunset Point is a great place to swim, fish, or just stargaze. And of course Andros is home to largest concentration of blue holes in the Bahamas.

  • Holiday tip:
    Vacationers will need insect repellent.

1/10 Villa Seaglass-1, Andros

Boasting an open plan design, Seaglass Villa-1 is the perfect place to relax on a shaded hammock while watching the waves sing melodiously on the crystal clear sand.

  • Holiday tip:
    Wear hard-soled sandals because of the pieces of sea glass at the beach.

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