10 Best Hostels in Rome to Save You Money

Have you ever considered visiting Rome by staying in hostels? Some might not be convinced to sleep in the same room with a group of strangers. The main merit of this style of travel is that one can meet different people on the way and potentially make good friends. For some security, most hostels have lockers in each room to place personal items. No matter who you meet, hostel trips have the potential to create great memories and even better stories!

Some of these hostels cost at least €20 per night, so you can save a lot. Below are the best hostels in Rome, mostly located in the city center; others are near Termini station.

ten Ostello Bello Roma Colosseum

Ostello has a rating of 9.8 and is one mile from the city center. It would be a good decision for someone to choose Ostello, especially if they are staying in Rome for a few days. It has facilities such as a beautiful terrace, free WIFI, a garden and pets.

The hostel offers a fantastic view of the city. It costs €32 per night for a single bed in a six-bedroom dorm, and the living room and kitchen are shared, but there are private bathrooms for each dorm.

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9 Free Hostels Rome

Free Hostels Roma has a 9.0 star rating on Booking.com. Free Hostels Roma is located 2.2 km from the city centre. Free hostels can be found near Termini station in Rome. It offers a garden, food, a common terrace and free WIFI. We get a locker for privacy and security. For example, one can choose from different rooms, a six-bed female dorm with a private bathroom. It costs as little as €20 per night. The hostel is close to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum.

8 The RomeHello

RomeHello is rated 9.5 stars on booking.com and is 1.3 km from the city centre. It offers drinks and food, daily housekeeping, lockers and luggage storage. It is user friendly as a single bed starts at €20 per night and has private bathrooms in the dorm. The living room and the kitchen are shared between the roommates. RomeHello is located near the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum. It is close to the Teatro dell’Opera metro station.

7 Roma Scout Center

Roma Scout Center is rated 8.8 and is 2.3 miles from downtown. Its rooms are colorful and furnished. Parking is available on site and has other facilities such as a garden, terrace and coffee is free. For an additional fee, one can buy cookies or chocolates, water, fruit and alcohol. Roma Scout Center has its own bar and restaurants. For a double room inhabited by two people, the cost is 60 € per night, and for a dormitory, it is 20 € per night. It is located near the garden of Giardino Vincenzo Parisi and Piazza Bologna, the most famous squares in the area.

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6 The Rome Bricks

The Rome Bricks has a rating of 8.6 and is located 2.6 miles from the center. The hostel has a sense of style and would be a fantastic place to spend the night. Their bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms are elegant and modern. A double room costs up to €70 per night for two occupants. It is more expensive than other hostels, but its facilities and hostel vibe are hotel-like.

5 Yellow Square Rome

Yellow Square is rated at 8.7 and is only 2.1 km from the city center. It is very close to Rome Termini station. The best thing about Yellow Square Rome is that it has a gourmet restaurant that offers beauty and haircut services, and they also have a DJ on site. They offer transfers from the airport but at an additional cost. Double rooms are available for those who need more privacy, or one can stay in an 8-bed dorm for €20 per night. It is located near Piazza Della Repubblica and the National Roman Museum.

4 Hostel Orsa Maggiore for women only

Orsa Maggiore is a women-only hostel which has a rating of 8.5. It is located in a pretty street in the Trastevere district, and it is a perfect place for women traveling alone. It has facilities such as food and beverage, daily housekeeping, snack bar, beverage bar and restaurant.

They offer different rooms like a 3-bed female dorm, which costs between €20 and €25 per night. It is close to the Hortus Simplicium and Villa Farnesina attractions.

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3 Hostel Trastevere 2

Hostel Trastevere 2 is well decorated, the bathrooms have a black design with touches of color and the bedrooms are elegant and bright. Hostel Trastevere 2 has an 8.0 rating and is located 2.5 km from the city centre. Its facilities are a garden, drinks and food and an extensive terrace. One gets a personal locker, board games for introverts, and daily housekeeping. The cost of a six-bed male dorm is over €40. It’s quite higher than other hostels, but it’s worth it because it’s unique and stylish compared to other hostels. McDonald’s is across the street.

2 Palladini Hostel Rome

Palladini hostel is very close to Rome Termini station. Palladini has an 8.0 rating and is just a mile from town. It offers activities such as walking tours, movie nights and an on-site bar. Tickets for shows and attractions can be purchased within the hostel. It’s a mixed dorm, and the cost is around €20 per night, and some dorms have a private bathroom.

1 Alessandro Palace And Bar

Alessandro has a rating of 7.7, and it is located 2.1 km from the center. It has facilities such as lockers and concierge, food and beverage, and restaurants. In an eight-bed dorm, you pay around €20 per night. For those who need a private room with bathroom, it costs around €90 per night. The National Roman Museum is nearby.

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