10 filming locations from the Twilight saga you can actually visit

After Netflix added all dusk films on the streaming service and inadvertently sparked a Twilight Renaissance, the aesthetics of films became increasingly desirable. The dream of moving to a small town in the Pacific Northwest is becoming more and more popular.

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Luckily for fans, there is one way to make that dream come true: filming locations. Not everyone can settle in Oregon, but visit the various filming locations of the dusk saga will certainly bring the aesthetic to life.

ten Forklift

The Bridge of the Gods in Washington

In the opening sequence of Dusk, Charlie and Bella cross a huge bridge towards Forks. The opening sequence is a beautiful arrangement of flying shots of the Washington landscape, all set to the calming banjo of “Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts.

If fans want to check out this part of the film, they should head to the Bridge of the Gods in Washington. According to Cascade harbor locks website, the bridge is a toll bridge that operates 24/7. It is free to cross for fans to experience their dusk dreams.

9 The swan house

Bella Swann's house in Twilight

One of the most iconic places is, of course, Bella’s house. This is where Bella and Edward’s iconic first kiss occurs, where she suffers from nightmares in New Moon, and where Riley breaks in to let in Bella’s scent Eclipse. Luckily for fans, the house is currently available for rent on Airbnb.

The house is not actually in Forks, WA, but in St. Helens, OR. It’s decorated exactly as seen in the movies with the added bonus of life-size cardboard cutouts of Bella, Edward and Jacob. Unfortunately, the house is currently booked until September 2024! But don’t worry, fans can still take photos in front of the house, as long as they are respectful.

8 Forks High School

Twilight's Forks High School

Of course, much of the saga takes place at Forks High School. This is the only place where Bella is truly forced to live as a normal human, and generally the only place where she actually interacts with her human friends.

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If fans want to relive the near crash from the first film, they just have to go to Kalama High School in Kalama, WA. This school was only used for outdoor photography and is a public high school, so fans should not walk there. However, the exterior has a lot to offer for the aesthetic of Catherine Hardwicke.

7 Fork coffee

The exterior of Twilight's Forks Cafe

The Forks Cafe is a staple for Bella and Charlie. Charlie has ordered the same meal there for years, and everyone is so excited to see Bella again that they still remember his order. This is also the place where Stephanie Meyer makes her first appearance.

These scenes were filmed at the Carver Cafe in Damascus, OR. It’s a quaint all-American dinner filled with subtle touches from the movie. While Bella’s classic garden burger isn’t on the menu, there are still plenty of other burger options out there for fans to sit in the same corner that Charlie and Bella often frequent.

6 Push beach

La Push Beach as seen in Twilight

Although La Push Beach does exist in the real town of Forks, WA, that is not where the La Push Beach scenes were filmed. If fans want to visit the place where Bella first heard about werewolves and vampires, they will need to head to Cannon Beach, OR.

Cannon Beach is home to the beautiful rock formations seen in the background of many beach scenes. There are many Airbnb rentals available in the area, so fans can really live out their Twilight fantasies. Fans can try to ride the waves or just sit on the sand and take in the beautiful scenery.

5 Forest scenes

A msity waterfall inside Silver Falls State Park

dusk is known for the lush forests in which it was filmed. Bella first confronts Edward about being a vampire while surrounded by giant trees covered in moss. It is also in these woods that Jasper assesses the combat abilities of the Cullens in Eclipse.

Fans can explore these beautiful forests in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest state park and offers a host of different activities. There are many different waterfalls and trails and campgrounds to stay overnight.

4 The Cullen House

The glass house Cullen in Twilight

The Cullens’ house is the only place the Cullens don’t have to pretend to be human. When Edward brings Bella home for the first time, she expects a dark and stereotypical dungeon, but what she gets instead is an open, modern house. The house has huge windows to let in sunlight and plenty of rooms to accommodate the Cullens’ broad interests.

The house used for the filming is at 3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland, OR. This is a private residence, so fans should refrain from attempting to enter the property. However, there are some nice views of the house from the public road.

3 The baseball field

dusk has one of the most iconic scenes of the entire saga: the baseball scene. On Muse’s iconic song “Supermassive Black Hole”, the scene shows just how powerful vampires are, as the Cullens’ baseballs hit so hard the sound is like thunder.

If fans want to try Jasper’s awe-inspiring bat ride, they should head to The Shire in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. According to John Yeon Center for Architecture and Landscape, The Shire is a series of meadows and hiking trails backing onto the magnificent Multnomah Falls. Surrounded by trees and overlooking a waterfall, fans will truly feel like part of the Cullen family.

2 Volterra

Volterra as seen in the New Moon

New Moon sees Bella, Edward and Alice traveling outside the Pacific Northwest to Italy. The city of Volterra is home to the mighty Volturi. Fans get a glimpse of the beautiful city when Bella is forced to walk through large crowds to prevent Edward from exposing himself as a vampire.

Fans can tour the city on their own by heading to Montepulciano in Tuscany, Italy. The town sits on top of a hill, overlooking magnificent vineyards. According to Discovery Tuscany, fans can visit various medieval palaces and churches in the city. Just try not to meet any vampires!

1 Esme Island

The exterior of Casa Em Paraty in Brazil

In The dawn of part one, Bella and Edward on their honeymoon on Esme Island, an island Carlisle owns. While the island itself may not exist, fans can see the house it was filmed in. Casa Em Paraty is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and can be rented.

The home has all of the great amenities fans see in the movie, including an infinity pool and bedrooms that open to the tropical air. While it is definitely a bit pricey, Casa Em Paraty is the ultimate destination to complete everything dusk car trip.

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