10 reasons why 2023 is the year to start traveling solo

It’s been a long time, but travel is back, baby! The year 2023 is fast approaching and travelers are already starting to plan their destination for the new year. What happens when travelers cannot board anyone to accompany them? Well, 2023 might just be the perfect year to finally start traveling solo.

Here are 10 reasons why, in this New Year, the number one travel goal should be to finally take a solo trip.

10/10 It can be difficult to get other people on board

“We should go to Mexico”, suggests a traveler.

I heard that Mexico is dangerous“says a potential travel companion.

“Let’s go Hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland“, offers the traveler as an alternative.

“Isn’t Iceland super expensive? said the future travel partner.

“Okay, and Paris?” finally said the traveler, thinking, who wouldn’t want to go to Paris? only to be met, “aren’t the French bad?” »

It can be exhausting trying to get other people on board. For those who are tired of feeling like they’re pulling their teeth out just to get someone to agree to travel with them, we have the solution: start traveling alone!

9/10 Some people are still too reluctant to travel

Imagine being ready to travel, credit card in hand, ready to book the ticket, when a trusted travel companion sends the dreaded text. They have reservations; they’re still hesitating because of the pandemic, they’re worried about safety issues, or whatever, they’re full of excuses.

The solution? Book this ticket anyway! Who said travelers needed a buddy to get going, especially if they were hesitating? Save yourself the trouble of convincing others to join an adventure and venture out on your own.

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8/10 Choose destination

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where to go. The islands of thailand sounds good, but the new zealand trees. Big cities like Tokyo is always buzzingbut what about the serene and magical countryside of Switzerland?

Either way, when travelers decide to go solo, the choice is entirely theirs. There is great flexibility in solo travel, and choosing the destination without any compromise is probably the greatest gift of travel freedom one could ask for.

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7/10 Choose accommodation

Whether it is to stay in an Airbnb or Vrbo, a hostel or a hotel where travelers go solo, where they will sleep and make their “homebase”, it is entirely up to them! For those looking to socialize, hostels are a great option.

If the idea of ​​sharing a room with more than 10 strangers doesn’t sound great to you, opt for a private room in a hostel to enjoy the benefits without sleeping in a bunk bed.

For those who really want to treat themselves, opt for a luxury hotel like The four Seasons Where Ritz-Carlton Hotel. For those who want to experience local life, Airbnb Where Vrbo are two great accommodation options.

6/10 No hassle over where to eat

How many times have travelers been on vacation with their bellies grumbling, only to have their travel partner tell them they weren’t in the mood for what they want to eat?

Whether it’s Mexican fare, Italian pasta, street food, or a local seafood restaurant, for solo travelers, like the destination and where to stay, the choice is entirely up to them. .

5/10 Basically do what you want

For readers who picked up a theme here, we’re here to confirm it. When travelers venture out solo, they can basically do whatever they want.

Fancy a beer at 7am while watching the sunrise? Dark. Want to take a nap in a hammock at 3 p.m.? Do it! Want to dine at three different places? Consider it done. The options are literally endless.

While many people will still have judgments about why anyone would want Choose traveling alone, the time is long gone.

Many solo travelers have emerged over the past couple of years, and some have even managed to make a living blogging about solo travel. Don’t feel weird traveling alone; it seems like everybody the fact !

3/10 It’s easy to meet people

One wonders if solo travel sometimes becomes lonely. Of course, it depends on the person and their ability to handle being in their own business for entire days in a foreign location.

However, if this is a fear you have, know that it is incredibly easy to meet people when traveling solo. Go to a local bar or cafe and chat with the barista or bartender.

stay in a hostel where backpackers hang out and strike up a conversation about where they are heading next or where they came from. Search for meetups and strike up a conversation with a local. It’s surprisingly easy to meet people while traveling alone.

2/10 Or easy to stay isolated (if that’s what you prefer)

For those who travel alone because they don’t want to meet people, well, that’s perfectly fine too! It goes without saying that staying isolated while traveling alone isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do. Stay alone if that’s what you prefer. Sit alone at a table in a restaurant and enjoy a local dish.

Get back to the room early and read a favorite book or watch television in another language. Take morning walks in a nearby park. There are plenty of activities to do that will require solo travelers to hardly talk to anyone.

1/10 2023 is the YEAR travel returns

It has been two long years of change and change in the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many destinations had intense travel restrictions, whether it was a PCR test on arrival, mandatory quarantine, vaccination, reminders or downloading QR codes, to name a few. name a few.

Although some places still have restrictions in place, the restrictions are minimal compared to what they have been. 2023 is the year travel is back in full forceand this is the year not to apologize, even if it means the only way to travel is to go alone.

It’s time to get out there and explore the world on your own merits. Learn from the past few years, remember that life is short, and when an opportunity presents itself, like taking a solo vacation, it’s time to seize it.

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