11 Christmas getaway destinations for 2021


I’m not sure how we got here but apparently we’re only two months away from Christmas folks. If this information triggered some kind of panic, I’m sorry!

I understand though. There is a lot to think about. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for your mom, who is a bit picky but also happy that you gave her something, to knowing what to get your Harry Styles obsessed best friend, this can be a very busy time. , very stressful. My solution? Get the hell out of here.

After going through all your secret Santas and White Elephants, the best gift you can give yourself is a long Christmas getaway. Just think that with a negative COVID test and / or a vaccine card in hand, you have the power to make your Christmas an event that doesn’t involve staying in your pajamas all day (unless you like that vibe because that, honestly, I do).

From snow-free, non-traditional choices to destinations that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a Cameron Diaz vacation romance, you’re sure to find your perfect vacation in the list below.

Oh, you’re planning a trip for your whole family, you say? I got you. Just you and a boo? Yeah, you too! As always, however, just be sure to follow what health officials are saying about the COVID point in any location you want and make decisions accordingly. ~ Safety first! ~

Alright, with that in mind, here are the getaways your next Christmas trips deserve. (PS Things are getting ready quickly this time of year, so get moving with determination!)

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Catskills, New York

Christmas atmosphere galore in a cozy cabin! Definitely pack a few layers and head to the Catskills to breathe in some ~ really cool ~ winter air, and you’ll feel like you’re far away, far, a way. When you’re not doing all the snowy stuff (you know, skiing, skating, tubing), you can channel your inner child on the Catskill Christmas Express, a one-hour guided excursion through the forest that takes you to (wait) Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Hey, don’t roll your eyes! Were never too old.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a fabulous choice for anyone who wants the Christmas spirit without the freezing cold (61 degree highs in December, folks). From their 64-foot-tall Christmas tree in the middle of Marion Square to their Holiday Festival of Lights at James County Park, Charleston means Business when it comes to throwing in for the holidays.

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Lapland, Finland

I think everyone wants to be someone who can say they went to Finland for Christmas, and luckily for you I can help make it happen! Presentation: Lapland (more precisely, the city of Rovaniemi).

Yes, it’s basically straight out of a movie. Yes, it’s home to some of the best Christmas markets in the world (think holiday-themed Smorgasburg). Yes, they literally have reindeer rides. BUT it’s also the literal hometown of Santa Claus, so it’s a match made in Christmas vacation paradise.

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Whitefish, Montana

Mountains labeled snow and ski? To verify! A perfectly decorated downtown strip, full of restaurants, clubs and (especially) shops? To verify!! A kombucha brewery that isn’t really a staple, but still very popular? To verify!!!

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Bruges, Belgium

If you like cities steeped in history, Bruges has your name written on it. Tons of its original medieval architecture are still intact, so your Christmas getaway will feel straight out of a book.

The city takes this season very seriously, so be sure to fully explore its massive winter ice rink / bar combination and two wild Christmas markets in all their glory. (If you happen to arrive at the winter bar, order the Christmas beer. You’re welcome!)

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Joshua Tree National Park, California

Yes, I suggest you spend Christmas in the desert. I mean, we’re not all attached to the winter vibes so why not just go somewhere nice (eg Joshua Tree?)

Imagine waking up to cacti outside your wonderful Airbnb window, watching sunrises and sunsets at Hidden Valley, relaxing with wildlife at Barker Dam, hiking in the park on Christmas morning. A dream! Oh, beware of extreme weather conditions: it can look nice and sunny during the day, but the cold will catch up with you at night.

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I don’t even have to sell you Barbados because … it’s clearly a perfect Christmas choice for other than Christmas! However, if you’re stuck on things to do (besides getting an enviable tan in December), I think you’ll be in the island’s pick of off-road Jeep tours, fabulous rum tasting at the Mount Gay Distillery or a night filled with local food and clubs at The Gap in Holetown.

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Quebec, Canada

Oh, you want the feel of a European Christmas but without all that travel time? Two words. Quebec. City. From November 25 to December 23, the town hosts a German themed Christmas market with all the bratwurst, mulled wine, and gingerbread you could ask for.

Admire Christmas decor that will make you feel bad about the plastic Christmas tree on your desk. Rue de Petit-Champlain and Place de l’Hotel-de-Ville are probably the inspiration for the Kardashians’ New Year’s Eve party, TBH. Basically, go to Quebec, okay?

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Saint Augustine, Florida

Do you want to be even closer to home, you say? Easy, try St. Augustine, Florida. High 70 degree temperatures in December, one of the best holiday light shows in the world, one-stop-shop street with all the best restaurants, shops and historic sites – if you don’t stop me, I’ll keep going!

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Strasbourg, france

Thus Strasbourg is literally nicknamed “The Capital of Christmas”. Do I have to say more? Oh, it’s also Christkinelsmärik, France’s oldest Christmas market, filled with 300 (yes, you read that right!) Vendors who may leave your bank account in bad shape but will certainly bring you a lot of Christmas cheer! What’s all that matters?

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Mpumalanga, South Africa

Again, if you’re not looking to capture the spirit of Christmas – Just. Go. Somewhere. Attractive. And, if we’re talking about getaways, there’s nothing further from your day-to-day life than hanging out with elephants in Mpumalanga, South Africa (unless you’re already living the dream).

Honestly, you can just enjoy the view from your Airbnb. (The one we’ve linked below? Amazing.) Don’t blame me if you don’t want to go home for New Years!

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