16 Airbnb horror stories that are terrifying


“We booked an Airbnb entire house in Coeur d’Alene for my husband’s cousin’s wedding. We shared the two bedroom house with his brother and sister-in-law. The location was beautiful, up in the mountains with a wonderful patio. It was perfect. But when we arrived the couple who owned it were at home. They told us that they stayed in the basement with their six children when people rented it. I continued trying to walk away because it was my first trip away from my baby, and I needed to pump some breast milk. When I finally got out and said I needed some of privacy, the host showed me to my room, then stood outside the door to regale me with all her breastfeeding stories.

“That night when we came back from dinner she was in the kitchen making popcorn for her kids, which was fine I guess. But we wanted to sit on the patio and have a drink. of wine. She. Wouldn’t. She kept telling us that her son was a bird watcher and he liked to watch the birds there. It was so awkward. We just wanted to be leave alone.

“There was no air conditioning, and it was so hot but no fans and no screens on the windows. The next morning I was in the bathroom with the door open because it was so hot. I was in a towel getting ready when the back The door opened and all these kids came running in. One stopped and just stared at me until I closed the door. door. When we all went out to go to the wedding, it was like a prom. The whole family was in the living room waiting to see how we were dressed and to take pictures. Look, they were nice people. But certainly not the vibe I was expecting on this trip.


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