19 Movie and TV Show Properties You Can Actually Stay In – Including Otis and Jean’s Home in Sex Education

While watching Sex education, who else thought, “Damn, John’s house is beautiful‘? Well, good news: since it’s one of the properties of movies and TV shows, you can stay!

Because a must-see location is one of the many things that can get us addicted to a new TV show. Of course, a gripping plot, a star cast, and characters we wish to be best friends with are the main draw. But what Sex and the City fan hasn’t dreamed of going to New York and visiting Carrie’s apartment? And just to imagine if we could go back to the 1800s and live our best lives in Bridgerton.

While many movie and TV locations are fictional sets built in studios, some of your favorite characters’ homes are actually actual homes that you can visit in person. And better yet, some are available to rent on Airbnb for your next vacation.

Return to the original and characterful home of Otis and Jean Milburn from Sex Education. The cottage is a five bedroom holiday home in Herefordshire available to rent for a cozy, wooded retreat – perfect for an autumn stay. Or if you want to play in your own love story, you and your partner can go to the Roman countryside and stay in the same villa this was the location of Marianne’s family vacation home where Connell went to stay.

So if you want to imagine for a few nights what it’s like to live inside your favorite movies or series and get a little closer to those characters, you just need to book one of the movie properties and of TV shows that you can stay indoors. Get ready to dive right through your TV screen and disappear into a different world (sort of).

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Keep scrolling for our roundup of all the Airbnb homes and hotel stays of your favorite movies and TV shows that you can book to stay now.

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