20 Best Tiny Home Rentals on Airbnb and Beyond (2023)

There are many fantastic reasons to consider renting tiny homes for your next vacation. Perhaps most importantly, renting a micro lodge can make an already thrilling getaway even more adventurous, just because it’s something different. With innovative design and unique decor that maximizes even the smallest of spaces, tiny home rentals are a travel trend AD can’t help but fall behind. What they lack in square footage, they often make up for in environmental conservation, as they require little heat and electricity (and many are made from recycled materials). Also, due to their size, they are usually located in areas where houses cannot otherwise be built, such as isolated forests or beaches.

Whether you want to get away from your usual vacation rental just for the fun of it or are interested in buying a little house of your own someday, here are 15 amazing tiny homes across the country to consider. From a secluded cabin in North Carolina to an elegant pad in Atlantathese tiny home rentals are at the top of our must-visit list.

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