20 castles for rent on Airbnb in the United States and Europe

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Everyone has a different definition of an epic vacation. For some, a backcountry camping trip is the best time ever. For others, those who prefer their trip with a side of luxury, history or fantasy, the most incredible vacation might involve staying in a castle. If you’re one of these latter individuals, there’s no need to wait for countless numbers of people to die and mysteriously leave you in line for the throne of a monarchy. Instead, you can book your dream royal quarters on Airbnb. And guess what? It doesn’t even have to be expensive (although it box be, if you really want to party).

We’ve chosen 20 (yes, 20!) fantastic Airbnbs around the world for anyone who wants a magical castle retreat. United States based castles range from one whimsical fairy tale house on the Gulf Coast of Alabama to a Bavarian castle in northern Vermont, while global options include a Irish tower steeped in history, 10th century castle in the mountains of Spain and an Indian palace still occupied by the royal family who built it. No matter how far you want to venture from home, there’s likely a highly reservable royal residence where you can live out your wildest, most majestic dreams.

Keep scrolling for all the coolest castles you can book on Airbnb.

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