25 Best Catskills Cabin Rentals on Airbnb | 2023

Ah, the Catskill Mountains. It is more than just a quaint retreat for city dwellers. Under the New York State constitution, this 286,000-acre stretch of forested land is protected by what is colloquially known as the “forever wild” law. This means it will be preserved and protected for, well, forever. Pretty epic, right?

Located just a few hours north of New York, across from the Hudson Valley, the rolling landscape of the Catskills has no shortage of great rental cabins, many of which are owned and operated by design-obsessed city dwellers, meaning you’ll feel right at home. Nestled among hardwood forests, AirBnb rentals abound.modern cabins, mid century A-frames, cozy cottagesrustic, real log cabins and some that cannot quite be described.

And if you’re the active type, all of climbing and hiking fly fishing and mountain biking are easily accessible, whether you’re stationed in Phenicia or channeling your inner artist near Woodstock in the Hudson Valley.

The cat may already be out of the bag, but there are plenty of reasons to love visiting the Catskills (the legendary Phenicia dinner is reason enough, tbh) and just to be sure, we’ve selected the twenty-five best Catskills vacation rentals on Airbnb so you hardly have to think about it. And if your favorites are reserved, spend a night at the Herwood Inn and you won’t be disappointed. Who knows? Maybe some of the undying savagery of the Catskills is rubbing off on you.

25 Best Catskills Cabin Rentals for a Year-Round Retreat in Upstate New York

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