29-Year-Old Crypto Investor Joshua Collazo Launches NFT Project – Drunk Asians

Adelphia Holdings LLC CEO and Owner Joshua Collazo announces the launch of Drunk Asians, a new NFT project on the Opensea platform

Joshua Collazo is popularly known for his entrepreneurial prowess, developing Adelphia Holdings LLC, a real estate company founded in 2014 to become a sought after name in the industry. Along the same lines, Joshua has made a name for himself in the crypto space as an ardent investor in major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum. He has expanded his reach in the virtual space by recently launching an NFT project called Drunk Asians.

There has been a spike in the demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) lately, with the growing popularity of the metaverse and virtual space further boosting the market. A recent report published by Emergen Research revealed that the global Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market size was valued at $340 million in 2020, with a projection that it will reach $3,57,316.3 million in 2030 by due to the increase in the use of NFTs. in supply chain and logistics and the growing demand for decentralized markets. However, Joshua Collazo is looking to take the experience of blockchain enthusiasts to the next level with the launch of the Drunk Asians NFT project.

Joshua Collazo ventured into the world of entrepreneurship after earning a degree in Engineering Technology and a Masters in Cybersecurity from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, starting with the real estate market. Over the years, he has grown the brand from an initial capital of $5,000 to become a multi-million dollar portfolio of multi-family residential and commercial properties in the New York metro area, LA, Miami and also Airbnb in Vegas.

The passionate entrepreneur continued to expand his reach, getting involved in equities, NFT and crypto investing and expanding his business ventures internationally. Therefore, the decision to launch the Drunk Asians NFT project came as no surprise to his fans, as the bored ape crypto punk yacht club owner NFT continues to push the envelope.

Joshua is passionate about mentoring other budding investors. Besides real estate and crypto, Joshua is a strong proponent of long-term investing when it comes to stocks. “Good things take time. High risk High reward.– Joshua Collazo. As an investor, he has generated returns of up to 383% through long-term investments.

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