30 Under-the-Radar Restaurants in Maine to Try Right Now

Maine Restaurants

One of my favorite things to do on a random weekend is to take a trip to a new establishment to eat. My wife and I will drive for hours based on a review, an article, a tip, a social media post…you get it.

It’s fun, adventurous and always satisfies the palette.

While traveling in this state, we have found amazing restaurants, great pubs, outstanding sandwich shops, and delicious coffee. These are in cities that are not exactly the best known, which led me to write this article.

Maine restaurant scene

We spend an inordinate amount of time discussing and dissecting every little aspect of Maine’s restaurant scene on the coast. Whether it’s Portland, the surrounding area, Bar Harbor or the Midcoast, Maine’s tourist areas are well covered.

However, what about the rest of the state? What about the stunning little gems of the western foothills? Or Downeast farm-to-table options? There’s a lot more to this state than just coastal chic.

Maine’s Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants

So we’ve put out a call for the state’s best-kept secrets: the under-the-radar joints that help shape a community and keep seasonal guests coming back for more.

Now, thanks to the social media of our stations, we can put names to these establishments.

Below is a list of several such restaurants that have been suggested to us. They vary in size, concept and location. However, these are all genuine Maine originals.

Also, just a quick shout out to those who refused to tell us their favorite restaurants. I mean, I understand. You want them to stay under the radar. I can respect that. However, I also appreciate those who have shared.

You can see the list below.

30 “Under the Radar” Restaurants in Maine

Thanks to our excellent listeners, we were able to compile a list of many “under the radar” restaurants, cafes, pubs and bakeries in Maine.

These great places are found all over the state and are just waiting for you to try them.

How far did you go?

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