The 30 funniest and most relatable parenting posts of the month, December edition

Children are like ghosts, lurking in the shadows and breaking things you really wanted to keep intact. They’re with you while you shower, they watch you shave your legs, they criticize your pancake flipping skills, and they wake you up at 5am. They scream, they cry and yet they are the most precious little person to ever bless your life. A mini you can love, adore and spoil to your heart’s content.

But it’s a lot of work! Many parents have taken to the wonderful world of Twitter to express their excruciating joy at raising their children, and many are laughing right along with them. Boring Panda loved keeping up with all of these amazing Twitter users, so we’re bringing you December’s best tweets.

We also caught up with Krysten Taprell, a psychologist known online as Father is a therapist. She was very kind enough to answer some of our questions about parenting in general, so be sure to stick around for the chat!

As you scroll through this list, don’t forget to vote for your favorites and leave a few comments sharing your parenting experiences. And if you’re interested in seeing our previous releases, here’s a link to ours October month and September Twitter compilations. Now let’s get into it!

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