‘Proof Social Media Is Fake’: These 35 Heavily Edited TikTok Photos Show How Fake Social Media Can Be (New Photos)

According to a a recent study of social media users In the UK, a whopping 71% said they would not post an unedited photo of themselves online. 54% said they wanted to correct their skin imperfections, almost half admitted to editing their face to create a sharper jawline and higher cheekbones, and 46% noted that they edit their hands in photos when they’re not happy with the way they look. they look All of this obsessive editing creates a vicious cycle where we compare ourselves to other people’s equally edited photos, and then feel the need to keep up with the performances by using more and more filters and apps to fit into our other feeds.

It’s no secret that social media editing has gotten out of hand, but it’s still a topic worth bringing up every now and then until the abuse stops. That’s why TikToker Holly Cockerill won’t stop shouting how fake social media is. Over the past couple of years, Holly has been sharing videos online showing how easy it is for people to edit photos beyond recognition and portray a false version of themselves on social media. We once covered Holly’s videos about a year ago, but as she continues to spread the word about fake social media, we decided to continue sharing even more of her photos with you. We were also lucky enough to catch up with her on Instagram, so be sure to read on to hear Holly’s thoughts on the subject!

Don’t forget to vote for the photos you find the most shocking, and then let us know in the comments how you feel about the endless editing on social media. Then, if you haven’t already explored, you can find Boring PandaPrevious article featuring photos of Holly right here!

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