I have created 12 posters to show you ways to take care of yourself with depression

Self Care is a self-initiated social project consisting of 12 illustrated posters to show ways to take care of yourself with depression.

Each poster describes one strategy for alleviating the symptoms of depression and helping yourself regain a meaningful life.

I came up with the idea for these posters when I realized how often we tend to overlook the impact of small daily choices on our long-term well-being: how too many expectations are placed on our shoulders; the absence of a filter fills us with anxiety and existential dread; poor nutrition contributes to a lack of energy and impairs our physical health. The choices found in the Self-Care project can turn into habits and slowly spiral upwards.

I hope this project will remind those looking for a final solution that it is a series of baby steps, not one giant leap. And that taking these steps regularly will go a long way towards what we can call “a life worth living.”

As with the Toxic Support Project, I am partnered with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and am extremely grateful for their support! Here is an article about the Self Care Project. ADAA website.

More information: yuliyaosyka.com | Instagram | twitter.com | youtube.com

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