4 anime villain stashes that are cool enough to be on Airbnb

In the anime, most of the villains who oppose our heroic protagonists tend to live in pretty run down places. Whether it’s the run down League of Villains bar in My hero university or the Akatsuki cave in Naruto, these hideouts are definitely not the ones you’d want to spend the night in.

And while that certainly makes sense, given the old adage that crime never pays, there are some extraordinary exceptions to this rule. These are the four villain stashes that are cool enough to be on Airbnb.

(Featured image source: MAPPA via Crisp)

Teppelin – Gurren Lagann

Cool Anime Villain Hideouts

Image Source: Gainax via Netflix

In Gurren Lagann’s world, there’s no place you’d rather live than in Teppelin, the seat of the Beastmen and the home of the series’ antagonists, Lordgenome. This massive, forest-shaped fortress is so tall it touches the clouds, meaning there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs and settle in everywhere.

In addition to space, Teppelin is also the safest place in the neighborhood, as it has its own security system and armed patrols to help prevent pesky human attackers. There is nowhere on the planet where you will feel more comfortable.

Considering the alternative is to live underground with very few resources, light, or food, Teppelin is also literally a paradise in comparison.

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