4 Romantic Airbnbs in British Columbia to Rent on the Cheap Instead of Going on a Date

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Skip that restaurant trip for your next date night. Why not rent a cheap Airbnb instead?

Luckily for you, British Columbia is home to some of the the most romantic stays in Canada. And some romantic places are places that are both cozy and affordable. Cabins, domes and observatories, take your pick of places to stay!

So if you’re ready to spice things up and try something new, here are four romantic Airbnbs you can book right now:

Big Tree Chalet

Big Tree Chalet.

jerry | Airbnb

Price: $130

Location: Quadra Island

Why you should go: Relax at this private nature retreat that has its own outdoor tub and costs less than $70 a night for two.


Monashees Cabin

Monashees cabin.

Monashees cabin.

Peter and Renske | Airbnb

Price: $90+ per night

Location: Cherryville

Why you should go: This chalet has a private swimming hole and a wood-fired hot tub in the winter. There is also a river out back perfect for swimming, tubing and canoeing.


Shuswap Stargazer Geodome

Shuswap Stargazer Geodome.

Shuswap Stargazer Geodome.

Ryan and Damion | Airbnb

Price: $100+ per night

Location: Magna Bay

Why you should go: This off-the-grid domed retreat is a ten-minute walk from the beach and offers guests views of the surrounding nature from your bedside. You can even bring your four-legged friends to participate in the glamping experience!


Private Room In A Cabin

The Scouse Airbnb.

The Scouse Airbnb.

Geoff and Kate | Airbnb

Price: $130+ per night

Location: Penticton

Why you should go: What better way to get some fresh air and see beautiful views of nature in this private room, which was built as a private nature viewing observatory. Admire deer and other wildlife throughout your stay.


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This article has been updated since it was first published on November 9, 2016.

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