43 Enterprise-Tech startups to bet your career on in 2022

  • Workers considering a job change may want to consider a new position at a corporate technology startup.
  • Startups offer the opportunity to be part of something promising for those with big career goals.
  • Here are the top enterprise tech startups we think are worth joining this year.

Enterprise technology skills are in demand – and it’s a job market.

Companies need talent – more than 300,000 tech jobs in the US were posted in December alone, according to a CompTIA analysis — and are willing to pay six-figure salaries for it.

Meanwhile, workers are taking their careers into their own hands; in a recent survey of American workers by ResumeBuilderaround one in four respondents said they planned to leave their job in 2022, and technology topped the list of industries respondents said they wanted to join.

Demanding greater ownership of their careers, some tech workers will choose startups over established giants as their next step. Startups offer the opportunity to be part of something of the future and leave a mark in the field of business technology.

But joining a startup can be risky, even in a relatively stable field like enterprise technology. To help navigate the field, Insider’s editorial team compiled a list of the best startups to join this year, in consultation with VCs and other industry insiders. Startups were evaluated on their funding, leadership, and other criteria to help determine which ones will stick around for the long haul.

There are the enterprise tech startups we think are worth betting on, in order of least to most capital raised:

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