Fox News’ Peter Doocy says Joe Biden can ‘call me whatever he wants’ after president swears on Hot Mic

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Joe Biden found himself in hot water after his microphone appeared to pick up an insult directed at the Fox News correspondent Pierre Doocy during a press event at the White House on Monday.

As reporters were escorted out of the room where the event was being held, Doocy, 34, shouted, “Do you think inflation is a medium-term political handicap?”

Hearing Doocy’s question, Biden – who apparently didn’t know his mic was still on – can be heard whispering, “That’s a great asset – no more inflation. What a stupid son of b— -.”

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Other Fox News anchors, including Tucker-Carlson and Tomi Lahren, were quick to call Biden, 79, for his choice words against Doocy, with Lahren speaking harsh words of his to the president about his relationship with the press on Twitter.

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Appearing on Hannity after the exchange, Doocy told the longtime Fox News anchor that Biden reached out to him on his cellphone “within an hour of that exchange” to talk about what happened.

“He said, ‘It’s nothing personal, mate,'” Doocy said. Sean Hannity. “And we went back and forth, and we were just talking about moving forward, and I made sure to tell him that I’ll always try to ask for something different than what everyone else is asking for. And he said, ‘You go to.’ And it’s a quote from the president, so I’m going to keep doing it.”

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When Hannity asked Doocy if Biden apologized during their conversation, Doocy responded by saying, “He purged the air, and I appreciate that.”

“I don’t need anyone to apologize to me. He can call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking!” Doocy continued. “I think that’s enough. That’s enough. So we can move on. We can now move on. There will be years – three to seven years of opportunities to ask him about different things. “

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It’s not the first time in recent weeks that Doocy has made headlines for asking questions in the White House briefing room.

Earlier this month, Doocy and White House press secretary Jen Psaki clashed when doocy asked why President Biden is calling the ongoing coronavirus outbreak ‘the unvaccinated pandemic’ after he and Psaki were diagnosed breakthrough cases of COVID-19, even if they are “triple-vaxxed”.

“The president has said – as we have done many times – that there will be decisive cases,” Psaki told him.

PSAki added: “There will be people who will get COVID here, in different media, in companies around the world, across the country who have been vaccinated. But there is a significant difference between being hospitalized or dying and being vaccinated with vaccines milder symptoms.”

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