5 Affordable Vacation Airbnbs Near Candlewood Lake

Much like cars, boats, lumber, and homes, trying to find a decent, affordable Airbnb in the towns around Candlewood Lake has been a challenge. However, after searching the Airbnb site for a few hours, I located 5 of the most affordable Airbnb properties with photos near Candlewood Lake.

I will admit that I personally have never stayed at an Airbnb property, but I have spoken to many people who have and they keep raving about them. If this is your first time renting an Airbnb property, smartertravel.com gives you some great advice before you commit.

    1. Manage your expectations and know exactly what you want to get out of your rental. using Airbnb’s search function.
    2. Select the number of adults, children and infants in your group. Guests are determined by sleeping space.
    3. Use the “filter” option to choose the right property for the number of guests you are bringing.

5 Airbnbs near Candlewood Lake

Easily overlooked but essential elements of the functioning and history of Candlewood Lake

At a glance, these photos and diagrams can mean very little to you. But, as Mike Allen’s research points out, they are essential parts of the history and functioning of Candlewood Lake.

What you might not know about Candlewood Lake in Greater Danbury

Mike Allen is our former news director and the man we go to, to deliver “so much more than you ever imagined”. Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show every Tuesday morning for a segment called “The Place You Live”. This week he featured Part 1 of 2 on Candlewood Lake. Allen shared his research and we learned the following:

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