5 Affordable Vacation Rental Markets Worth Investing In 2023

Orlando will make you believe in magic, and that’s not even counting Disney World. Although it is the first American city to exceed 70 million annual tourists, its real estate prices will surprise you with their relatively affordable price (as noted Central travel agencies). There’s a solid but actively mobile inventory of single-family homes in and around Orlando, Florida, for under $500,000 (as seen on Zillow). Only one hour from the beach, Orlando Airports points out that the city also offers direct flights to London, Amsterdam, Bogotá and Dubai with incredible international accessibility.

This is exceptional, as cities with this type of business infrastructure tend to be priced higher. For one thing, a vacation investment in this city offers its owners terrific access to the warm climate all year round. Orlando, of course, has amazing family entertainment like Universal Studios, Legoland, Sea World and more. Even when your family has outgrown some of these offerings, there’s also plenty of fine dining and nightlife to enjoy. Not to mention, norada says homes in this city have appreciated nearly 180% over the past decade. An Orlando vacation investment provides for strong appreciation and plenty of Airbnb opportunities.

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