50 of the best Christmas destinations we’d love to visit

While the lead up to the winter holidays is usually quite hectic, leaving us with literally zero time for anything other than work and holiday preparations (also, one or two obligatory office parties), once Christmas rolls around, the life usually takes a break and finally allows you to relax. It’s also the perfect time to reward yourself with a vacation and visit some of the best Christmas destinations around the world!

So what makes a beautiful travel destination the best Christmas vacation destination? Well, for starters, the place has to ooze that party vibe! Think along the lines of Lapland, where the original Santa Claus would have lived. This is what we would call bursting with festive atmosphere! Other places to travel for Christmas would be those that are known for their great winter holiday markets, such as Amsterdam, Zurich or even Vilnius. You know, you could even do a little Christmas market tour in European capitals if your budget allowed! And if your idea of ​​the best places to travel for Christmas is something closer to snowy, pristine wilderness, you’re sure to find some picks that fall into that category too!

Our picks of the best Christmas travel destinations are a little further down, be sure to check them out before you plan your trip! Once you receive the submissions, vote for your favorites so that other readers will see them more. And finally, share these ideas with anyone you’d like to try them with!

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