50 of the most powerful street art works made to support Ukraine worldwide

As civilian casualties mount as Putin continues his 12th day of military invasion of Ukraine, where men and women are fighting against unprecedented aggression, street performers around the world are in their own way condemning the attack on the Russia.

As artists, they have a voice to express themselves and influence others, and a moral obligation to act against injustice. So they took out their peaceful weapons in the streets and sprayed the walls with stunning, yet heartbreaking murals in support of Ukraine.

Cities in Wales, Sweden, USA, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Lithuania, Indonesia and many more countries have turned into urban galleries that not only openly criticize and mock Putin, but send support to the people of Ukraine and give hope to the troubled world. Below are some of the most touching examples that, while silent, speak louder than the bombs.

bored panda reached out to Seth Globepaintera Parisian street artist whose mural of a little girl crushing tanks under her feet has gone viral on social media with the works of other street artists creating art in support of Ukraine. “This little girl symbolizes the courage of Ukrainians in the face of the Russian invasion,” Seth told us. This fresco is located in the Butte-aux-Cailles district of Paris, in the 13th arrondissement.

Vitaliy Skakun, 26, young combat engineer. He sacrificed his life to blow up a bridge. He died on February 24 in Putin’s war against Ukraine. He died defending his country.

Polina was killed on Saturday, along with her parents, in the streets of Kiev. She was only a 4th grader.

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“I painted several times in a Donbass school located in the heart of the conflict zone, where I witnessed incredible resilience from the children. They are the ones who inspired me to create this work”, explains the artist.

Seth also said that while he doesn’t usually express his views on current events, he knows “how important it is for people going through this dire situation to know that we are thinking of them.” He added: “I painted this in Paris for the Ukrainian people, especially for my friend Oleg who is still in Kiev.”

Frankfurt-based artist Justus Becker shows his solidarity with a 13 by 13 meter dove of peace

The bird, which has appeared on the facade of a building in front of the Frankfurt skyline since Monday, carries an olive branch in the national colors of Ukraine. ⁠

A sign against war and for Ukraine.

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We also spoke with WOSKersky, a London-based interdisciplinary artist. Recently he painted a beautiful mural of a woman dressed in a chunky knitted hat, colored in the bright colors of the Ukrainian flag. “I am aware of the futility of online support for brave Ukrainians who are fighting for their lives and their country, but I still hope that this little tribute will somehow help,” WOSKerski wrote. on his Instagram, adding that “hopefully this madness ends soon.” The mural is in Shoreditch, London.

“So first of all I have no idea who the girl is and originally she didn’t wear the colors of the Ukrainian flag. So I changed a lot of things while working on the design” , WOSKerski told us, “I was drawn to the portrait because I feel his face expresses a mixture of outrage, fear and solemn determination to fight and I believe we are all equally outraged and shocked by this. happening,” he explained.

“We can all support brave Ukrainians by providing shelter and supporting them financially, but as an artist I felt strongly that it was my duty and my moral obligation to reach a wider audience. and to show both my support for Ukraine and also to raise awareness,” WOSKerski concluded.

I hope this little tribute helps somehow

I am aware of the futility of online support for brave Ukrainians fighting for their lives and their country, but I still hope this little tribute helps in some way. Hope this madness ends soon.

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My thoughts are with all Ukrainians who have to endure a madman with no sense of humanity

This wall is 3000 meters and is possibly the tallest in Europe – I had absolutely planned to celebrate this fact with a different design, but I couldn’t when children are crying and innocent people are dying.

Ukraine stays strong!

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Street Art with a political message: Solidarity with Ukraine

On the st. Galler Kreuzbleiche there is a wooden wall in front of the ride on which sprayers can legally romp. The graffiti on it currently has a political content: it calls for solidarity with the people and peace in Ukraine

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