6 Cheap Boat Airbnbs For Rent Now In Florida

Florida’s coasts have some of the most visited and beautiful beaches in the world, and there’s no shortage of water fun and island hopping to do. From the tropical Keys to the white sands of Clearwater, you can hunt summer all throughout Sunshine State. And while you are traveling, there are a few Insanely Cheap Boat Airbnbs You Can Stay In In Florida to make your visit even more unique.

Fairy tale in downtown St Augustine

Price: $ 90

Address: Downtown St. Augustine

Why you need to go: This private catamaran sailboat features two cabins with full beds, a large bathroom and a shower, located five minutes from Fort Castillo de San Marcos. The best part? You can bring your furry friends with you!

Boat crew in Key West

Price: $ 99

Address: Key West

Why You Must Go: This 68ft cutter deck sailboat has been restored to a gorgeous vessel with an additional fireplace on deck for those chilly nights under the stars.

Air-conditioned yacht in Fort Lauderdale

Price: $ 100

Address: Fort Lauderdale

Why you need to go: You’ll have the entire 40ft yacht owned by super hosts on the North Fork of the New River. Out of 105 reviews, 90% of customers left 5 stars!

Comfortable 22-foot ecological sailboat

Price: $ 99

Address: Key West

Why you need to go: This cozy little boat is moored in a shallow canal, 4 miles from Old Town, and requires a quick kayak paddle to reach it. Kayaks are included in the price, and you can take them out to explore the area.

Sailboat Cap Dory

Price: $ 99

Address: Florida Keys

Why You Must Go: This space offers the perfect way to spend an evening: watching the sunset from your private boat in the harbor. The only downside is that you will have to bring your own water, as the boat does not have a kitchen and sink.

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