6 Things You Shouldn’t Think Too Much About Hallmark Christmas Movies

Holiday-themed TV movies became a phenomenon for the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, Great American Family and other networks in the months leading up to Christmas. Reliably predictable storylines, inevitable romances, and inexplicable obsessions with snow globes can inject a warm glow into even the most frigid winter days – as long as you’re willing to suspend your expectations of reality for a bit. There’s no denying the popularity of the small screen subgenre, and there’s just something heartwarming about how every problem can be solved with varying levels of Christmas cheer.

However, if you expect learn things from a hallmark movielike the royal family really celebrate the holidays, or what Actually happens when you meet your ex-boyfriend at home, it’s going to end badly. (Just like your first attempt at a relationship with your future love, right?) These fantastic elements and details are all part of the fun, so grab a big cup of your small town’s famous hot chocolate and let’s have a go. take a look at 6 things not to think too much about when watching any Next Christmas Hallmark film.

Invent the Christmas Prince

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