7 European Hotels That Have Earned My Unofficial ‘Fat Girl Seal of Approval’

After traveling from Iceland to Italy for my honeymoon, these are the most fat-friendly hotels I have stayed in.

When my wife and I started to think about traveling to Europe for our honeymoon, I went to my favorite Facebook group, Fat girls traveling, for some investigators. This is not the kind of fun search where you enthusiastically learn about tours, experiences and adventures, but rather the kind of investigation you need to do as a ‘fat girl’.

The usual questions arose: how would I be treated? Would the beds be big enough? Can I use the toilet comfortably? Could I sleep without air conditioning? The results of my excavations, initially, were not particularly promising.

In the United States, 67% of women are considered “plus size”. Meanwhile, Europe is known for its small beds, smaller toilets, and uncomfortably cramped accommodations. As my wife and I are both tall, it is difficult to find a comfortable place to stay, especially an air-conditioned hotel with suitable beds and toilets. But that didn’t stop me.

Travel is not just for people with socially acceptable bodies who match society’s view of what travelers should look like. Fat people like me deserve to feel the joy, freedom and rejuvenation that travel offers. And so, I planned a 23-day luxury European honeymoon that my wife and I deserved after getting married in the COVID era and having a wedding ceremony with no in-person guests. After our travels took us through Iceland, France, Italy and Switzerland, we found seven European hotels which, despite a few issues, earned my unofficial “fat girl seal of approval”.

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